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Yes, it did arrive. The next patch was my first thought. I'll be waiting! Thanks.

I had some problems with the installer in the past, it would hang on certain files and never complete the update or the upate would be corrupted and not run properly. After I tried to run a diagnostic, the updater finally stopped running altogether, saying that windows could not find it in the registry.  Kind of weird, isn't it? Maybe I'll try it again.

One other thing, I bought the expensive monitor, but it still says I have to buy a monitor. Is that an end of version issue, or was I supposed to buy the less expensive monitor first?

No need, when you fixed the problem with Selena's loop, it allowed the money from teaching to be accumulated. Thanks.

9a fixed the issue I was having with hovering over Selena, but I was still having the problem with not getting paid for substitute teaching. I'll see what this one brings.

I've found my save file, how do I send it to you?

I noticed a problem with substitute teaching, the game tells me I earned a certain amount, but it is not added to my total. The only way I can earn money is by fishing. Also, when I try to hover over the girl who is Dora's classmate in the character profiles, I get a ren'py error.

Kat, you're perfectly right to get your uni and personal situation squared away. I'm not in any hurry, I still haven't finished catching up with the restart I had to do with the last update. Here's wising you well.

Thanks Fire. I tend to like the term "pet", since it gives an idea about the societal norms of the Pantherians, but I can see how some might see the term as demeaning. I don't have a problem with starting over, since I've probably forgotten a lot (old timer's disease strikes again).

I'm so glad that you're back to work. Hope all is going well with you!

I'm glad you're keeping your priorities straight. Education comes before games. Don't worry about the delays. Like I always say, it's not like this is the only game I play!

Thanks for the info.  I'll report it if I see it.

All great ideas Runey. The garden does seem interesting, I'm sure Lin will love it. The calendar system seems like fun. I'm especially interested in the new explore system.

Thanks for the report Stawer. Glad your bunny's coming along, don't worry about the time his treatment takes, hes so important to you. I really like all your ideas, especially the lore of Argleton. Keep up the great work.

I enjoyed the demo. It doesn't seem as frenetic as some of the other games.

Already downloaded it and it's fine. Thinking back, I should have done a copy and paste rather than doing it manually. Next time, it would be easier to put the files to be replaced into a folder named "game." That way I could just copy the whole folder and paste it into the base directory and accept the overwrite. Don't know why replacing the files I did in the "game" folder would cause problems in the bootup of the game, but I'm not a programmer after all. The last programming I did was in the 1970s when I was in college for a statistics course. It was on an IBM mainframe using punch cards and Fortran! Shows how old I am. :-)

Hey Runey, I had a problem with the update patch. After I followed the instructions (removing the listed files and replacing them with those in the folder) I got the following error when trying to start the game. It's no big deal, I can just download the full version - I've got the time.

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/", line 331, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/", line 662, in main


  File "renpy/", line 148, in run


  File "renpy/", line 922, in run_context

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 233, in script call

    call _splashscreen from _call_splashscreen_1

  File "scripts/gui.rpyc", line 10, in script

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 233, in script call

    call _splashscreen from _call_splashscreen_1

  File "scripts/gui.rpyc", line 10, in script

  File "renpy/", line 1443, in execute

    renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)

  File "renpy/", line 1684, in with_statement

    return, paired, clear=clear)

  File "renpy/display/", line 2762, in do_with


  File "renpy/display/", line 3325, in interact

    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 4025, in interact_core

  File "renpy/audio/", line 1162, in periodic

    raise_(exc[0], exc[1], exc[2])

  File "renpy/audio/", line 1140, in periodic_thread_main


  File "renpy/audio/", line 1082, in periodic_pass


  File "renpy/audio/", line 518, in periodic

    topf = load(filename)

  File "renpy/audio/", line 69, in load

    rv = renpy.loader.load(fn)

  File "renpy/", line 798, in load

    raise IOError("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)

IOError: Couldn't find file 'images/v15/welcome2.webm'.



Harem Hotel v0.16

Sun Nov 27 05:32:20 2022

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Glad that you upgraded your workspace. It will make things easier and more enjoyable for you going forward.

Every time I read one of your posts it wrings my heart. I am so happy for the time you spent with your family, and I am delighted that you managed to escape the hell you were living through, although I know it will be a part of you for all your life. Be well, and show your appreciation to those you love. We all love and appreciate you very much.

Don't rush on my account. Take care of your mental health and deal with your personal stuff. So sorry about what's been happening with you.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this, it can't have been easy for you. Facing ourselves and finding out we're not who we thought we were is a harrowing experience. I went through counseling when I was in my twenties (many, many years ago) when I found out the path I was on was not what I really wanted. It was the start of a life-long journey of self-discovery and acceptance which is still going on.  I'm proud of you for having the guts to face your problems and do something about them, most people never do, they just try to soldier on and keep trying to fill the emptiness that can't be filled by doing the same things over and over. I wish you well on your journey and have faith in you.

Take all the time you need. Your mental and physical health are more important than any game.

Thanks for the info. I'm glad you decided to delay the update rather than cutting a part of it. Cheers.

Did you switch ren'py versions? Many of the games I've played have either broken or wiped out saves when upgrading ren'py.

Thanks for sharing. What you're doing is a great thing. It's amazing how playing or writing games can give us insight into ourselves. Well, everything we do can do that, but we have to actually engage with it, and games can be an immersive experience.

Hey Stawer, hope you're feeling better soon. Thanks again for the report, we really appreciate the transparency. Take care, and don't push yourself too hard.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care and get plenty of rest. We can wait for the game.

I opened it successfully in Chrome. Must be something weird about Firefox.

I tried opening it in Firefox (after installing Adobe Acrobat add-ons) and all I get is two blank pages. I right click on the file, click on "open" and choose Firefox.

Having a problem with the walkthrough file for 0.6.9.  When I try to open it with my Adobe Acrobat reader (64 bit), I get the message "The dimensions of the page are out of range. Page content may be truncated." There is nothing on the first page, the second page looks like all the other pages put together, narrow and long. Unreadable and unprintable.

I didn't find anything troubling about the last release, but you never know what's going to bother people. As long as the change doesn't materially affect the story, I don't feel the need to know the details. I really enjoy all your work Lockheart, keep up the good work.

Sounds more interesting every day!

No problem, it's working fine.

I've come across a few other games where I have the same issue. I think it's due to the new version of Ren'Py, they have more stringent video requirements. I guess I'll have to shell out for a video card. Oh well, I wanted one and some more memory (only have 8 gig now), this is just forcing me to do what I wanted anyway. Thanks for all your help.

It sucks that a$$holes keep pirating your games.

I have a feeling it may be a graphics issue, since I'm using the onboard graphics on my motherboard. It also starts sooner when there are animations. I don't have this problem with other Ren'py games, though. Thanks for your reply.

Having a small problem. After I play for a few minutes, the transition between scenes, dialogue, etc. becomes very slow. The only way to fix it is to save, exit, and restart.

Really hope you feel better soon. It's also about the same temperature in the NE US where I live with high humidity, too. Take care of yourself and don't worry too much about the game, unless you need it as a distraction. Best wishes.

Please take care of yourself, your health is the first priority. Please don't rush back to working until you're totally recovered, it may cause a setback. We care more about you than about the game. There are plenty of other games to play until you're recovered.

Thanks as always for the report, Stawer. The new version is working well, I've finished up the main stories, now I'm just doing a little grinding to get some side stories up to date. Hope you're doing well.