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I do play with a mouse and keyboard, and the mouse works fine when clicking things on the menu(s) but it doesn't let me look around 

I can't see what I'm doing? the camera is stuck looking straight ahead

how do I fix this ?

I love this game

I wish it was longer though

their faces when they get really offended are terrifying

M o t h e r   I   c r a v e   s w e d i s h   m e a t b a l l s


rest in peace adobe flash.

you will be missed.

I was attacked and got stuck in the middle of the blob of characters

I could not escape


-an introvert

am flat brain

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I don't know how, but I figured out how to play part of 'spider dance'(from undertale) here

it will be missed


I somehow went through half of a level by walking through a wall

I like it

I just wish it was a little longer...


danger. Danger.  DANGER. DANGER DANGER DANGER *fight or flight response activated*

I didn't expect this 

am big noob


is it weird that I tried to play musical chairs with myself when the radio came on?

... probably not.



although I might be dead inside

E p i c .

imagine a side game where you go on a really awkward date with the grim reaper




what is wrong with me


detective kinda sus

I had something similar happen to me before we found out I had anemia

I don't know what to comment

other than I liked it :)

noooo I wanted to save herrr......

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this is awkward

dammit I can't even be not awkward in a video game


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'eerie pile of pepperoni'


'The next day, your friends find your headless body in the wine room'

 why did it take my friends an entire DAY-


kinda hard to ignore the bra on the floor lol

I love it! I do wish there were more levels/nights though


the ending was so unexpectedly fabulous that SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

Dozer7.exe has stopped responding

the ending

*spamming a and d buttons* 

*turns around* 

instant heart attack

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have you seen 'the babysitter' on Netflix? 

I tried to say 'who are you?' and a different message popped up

man I want another ending


 I am   s p e e d .