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Nice 10/10


I rage quit but this game is still a 10/10

This game is fun and I like how random it is 

I honestly did not even realize you could run faster until I had already played the game and was just spreading good vibes the entire time haha


I find it funny that everyone was having trouble finding the crowbar and I had trouble finding the safe

(does everyone get a random code  for the safe ? . . . the one I got was very... familiar.)

That plot twist at the end was epic 

I survived :D

Epic game 100/10

oops sorry uncle lol

I died 7 times and then got the kitten ending

epic game 10/10




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My little brother burst out laughing when I played tug of war because I dragged myself into the water within two seconds of the game starting


yes I just clicked the blender

the girl in the game room when she snatched the horse piece scared the heck outta me and gave me Coraline flashbacks lmao

This game was epic despite me being dumb and spending three hours moving around the room and not putting any of the pieces together in my head

oof  :(

The happiness I felt when I was able to get him back out of the blender safe and sound

Idk what the people in the comments are so angry about...

this game is fantastic and I'm going to send the link to my friends 

   :  )

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my man has brain damage or sumthin lmao

"this footage has not been altered in any way"

*security camera footage of a man walking into a wall and cursing 7 times in a row*

Edit: wait, are there videos I was supposed to watch before playing the game? The game is awesome either way, but people are talking about backstories or something

that ending was fabulous.

I have no other words to describe it



*headphones recommended*

me with my dollar tree earbuds that only work on one side:

why does the girlfriend in this mod look like me

woah. uh... I...  😳 


"you mean...?"

"Yes. Let's go."


*thinking*: "hmm, I wonder what his favorite food is... I hope it's steak I like steak"

*completely random "He doesn't like the neighbors upstairs"*

*he eats the neighbors upstairs* 

*I also eat some of the neighbors upstairs*


*Dodges random lady in the middle of the road* ... *lady comes back doing a crabwalk*   ... *dies*

1. I got the zombie first try lol I didn't even get to see anyone else 

2. PRAyInG ManTiS LmAo *praying mantis breaks my neck*

3. I didn't realize I was a guy and that vampire is big homo it doesn't matter what he says

4. dang tentacle didn't like me

5. yay friend dinosaur

6. bruh you better git (ghost)

7. *awkardly stares at sphinx*

I feel like this comment is too long I'll just end it here

This reminds me of Spongeglock Squarepants

10/10 nice

"heyyyyyyyyyy~" in rainbow made my brain go brrrr


*plays bumper cars with the walls in the grocery store*

Oh ok thanks :D

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Mood: Horny

"This should be fun"



where's lemon demon why can I only find him in winter horrorland

also what's the name of the mom??? I thought it was mommy murder but other people seem to think otherwise

suicide only makes the problem worse

If you kill yourself it can make everyone that cares about you so sad that they might want to do it too