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I can also confirm the game works on a PS4 controller

Unfortunatly, does not work with Wii remote.

here i am one year later back for more raccoon skateboarding. still love it

so emotional o,w,o

this game is scary ;-;

anyone ever just not press the retry button to endlessly watch the raccoon fall into the void?

if you hold the chicken while the box is being moved out and then let go after the ''ka-ching'' then it won't teleport back, probably figured that out already but I just want to be helpful :)

How many unlockable characters are there? (Including cactus)

I got the good and bad endings.

great game, i just don't like the random disconnections

Love the selection of vehicles! SO MANY!!!

Best fighting game I have played in a while.

Nice game

the controls are really difficult on Playstation controller :(

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Really fun game to play with my PS3 Controller. 5 Stars.

But can you make the CPU a little bit more easy? They are basically impossible to beat without a controller...