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Thanks boss.

the mobile version is closing alone, I cleared the cache but it didn't solve.

I really agree with Vul's part, I think it has a certain intimacy, I lost my hand there, I'll edit the comment.

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I sincerely hope that the protagonist develops a little self-love if he ever returns to that village, because it is unbearable to see him being called the most ridiculous things and doing nothing, "Oh but he could die if he does something" I shit, they fuck up his dignity and he can't do anything not even say a peep? fuck it, my dignity comes first.

And yes, Mr. Ranok, you were quite a scoundrel with the protagonist, he always helped you and put you up, he was always honest with you, he could at least have talked about it in your house Ranok, that feeling of love at a distance would even be beautiful, but shit everything with that bomb. Even if it's a political thing I think Caelan deserved to know what would happen to him, because he's not a kid anymore.

For God's sake Caelan, stop being so peaceful. Do wolves have virtues? They do, but they are completely arrogant.

By the way, Naked monkey is the fuck, your scrotum wolves, and Aldris you are nothing but a fat unloved and poorly eaten, I just don't call you trash because trash is recyclable and you're not even for that my angel.

Verissa, Regara and Enele are amazing, especially Enele who shits what Aldris says being so old she is amazing.

Congratulations Kael for the Incredible Novel, and it takes a little longer but it gives me many feelings of both love and hate. Thanks again for this great novel.

I hope one day I can see Lars' special, it must be very beautiful.Em

I'm missing Russell a little more dialogue in the story, I really like the character and I think he should expose his side of the story to Ben.

man you are an angel on earth thanks for the link.

I don't know which one of them made me feel happier from laughing so much I loved how Tom's update demo ended.

Honestly i loved it please keep up the excellent work.