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Description says there are both male and female mons, howeever every single mon I get seems to be male, is the description wrong or am I just having really bad luck?

also, tutorial says there is a way to dismiss mons (in case I want to get the other gender of that mon) however the option does not appear for me

The game seems to be bugged it just says DAY TWO NIGHT TWO NOVEL MODE DAY THREE NIGHT THREE NOVEL MODE DAY FOUR NIGHT FOUR NOVEL MODE etc etc etc etc endlessly and I cant do anything.

Nothing special, I am just attempting to play the game in Google chrome in incognito mode and that is the error message that I get when the game tries to load.

Get an error message and game doesnt work. Cant copy paste the error so took a screenshot:

Game is basically unplayable due to incredibly low mouse sensitivity and no way to change it.

How do i unlock the nighttime scene with Lani?

Why is it listed as a NSFW game? Are there NSFW scenes?

Game won't start on linux.

jre/lib/amd64/server/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

i've tried everything i could find on stackoverflow and other websites to fix it but nothing works.

I have no more potions and I have no more money and I have no usable items at all. And I only have two haremon and they are all super weak and cant win more than 3 fights. And there is not a fucking thing I can do about it because it's not possible to get any more money it seems. So I just lose every dungeon and can't progress at all.

It's really frustrating. Please balance the game or at the very least let me make some money so that I can buy potions so that I can survive...........

WTF are you supposed to do? Controls seem extremely immediate feedback on button presses means I have no clue how TF to play. Seems totally random whether or not notes play or not. Sometimes I press a button and 5 seconds later a note will play, sometimes nothing happens at all.......maybe add some more information explaining what the hell to do?