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Thanks Phil, appreciate it

Thanks! I added some hints to this page. Let me know if you're stuck on something different.

SPOILERS: I think so.. Is receiving beans the true ending?

Guess I have some more games to check out!

Very dark and moving. Great choice of quote at the end.

Great concept and execution for a unique game.

WOW. Awesome storytelling! Really great job especially for a first game!

I'm really curious what games inspired this in particular! The Scarlet Devil interaction was... memorable

Really captures the LDR experience. Hold on guys its not forever! I love your bitsy art too

I stole the milk twice to cancel it out.

Awesome! I love cooking games. I lost it when the raccoon flipped me off.

Nice I like beans

Very cool! I like the branching paths.

Mezmerize by SOAD is one of my favorite albums of all time, so I'm already biased toward this game. Awesome art style with the bird's eye view! And seeing the city from the rooftop was really neat.


This is hilarious. The interactions are so good.

Interesting idea! I like the effect of changing rooms you have there.

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Awesome job! I really liked the art and the tone of this game. There's something soothing about being surrounded by the rain no matter where in the house you walk to.

Aggressively pleasant. I liked it quite a bit.

Okay, this one blew my mind. Great art and awesome job on the hack! Maybe the coolest thing I've seen in bitsy

Cheesy but I think I needed it today! And thank you for introducing me to bitsy 3d!

The one with the hologram dude is wild

Thanks for the nightmares

Alien vibes

The music and drawing minigames are super creative! But I did not figure out how to revive him...

Cool mechanic and exploration! You did a lot with a tiny set of tools

I enjoyed my time here. My favorites were the lists of things and Basil Dreams. You have a wonderful sense of imagery and nostalgia.

I loved that! You have a great writing style. I liked the idea of a puzzle where all of the elements were symbols so they didn't interact in exactly the way you'd expect.

Spooky ending! And some of the more impressive sprite work I've seen in a bitsy game. Great project. :)

Thought-provoking, troubled, and weirdly comfortable at the same time. It's nice to be reminded of humanity when we've all been separated by screens for so long.

I love the art in this! Definitely looking forward to the full game about rumpology.

Interesting worldbuilding. I liked it.

Awesome game! The very first dialogue had me rolling with laughter. Also if anybody was wondering the Morse code guy says "NOISY..."

Good job telling a lot with a little. I especially liked the effect of light pouring into the room.

Very fun! I love the graphics and the bizarre premise.

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Super fun! I love how punchy the keys are.