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You're welcome. Thank you for making good games ! ;)

Hello ! The game is great so far, I enjoyed a lot the Questioning mechanic. However, I think the Keys Menu should be removed. It's become very annoying when I am  pursued by the robots, it broke the rythm and the robots are still moving when I am in the menu

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Hello ! Thank you for your answer !

Nope, in the "lost key" sidequest, I am still at 66%, and I have the AC 99 upgrade document. 

Have a nice day !

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Hello, I just finished the game so far,  and loved it ! However, I don't know if this is a bug, but when  I use the keys in appartment 301 in the "Lost Key" quest, it doesn't give me the"quest completed" notification.

Also I couldn't find how to start the "Password Protected" sidequest in Kiel, a little hint is welcome.

In any case , you and your team did a great job on this game ! 

Keep up the the good work!