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Hey Jorgge, thanks for warning us. We'll take a look! If you want to join our community on Discord:  We'll be glad to have you there!

Hey Jorgge! How are you? For now PC and XBOX ONE. But in the future our ideia is release to mobile too! Have a great day!

Hey Luke, how are you? Sorry the delay. For now you cant. We're working hard to release it next year (may). Thank you!

Thanks for the video Coconut Mousse! Have a great weekend :)

Hey Fringe, how are you doing? Thanks for the support doing this video, means a lot for us. 
We're working hard to release the game as soon as possible. Yeah, limbo is one of our inspirations, hope you guys like the full game.
Thanks again Fringe, have a great week!

Hey Evil, sorry for the delay. I didnt see your comment!

Thanks for the kind words.  We're working now to implement 2D physics for the game, it's not been easy but I'm sure the result will be better.
I dont know if you already joined us on Discord Channel, but we would be very thankfull if you could help us testing the game. This week we will release a new version to test the new player mechanics.

The fairy has an important part in the main story, I think you will like it! Thanks for the feedback, appreciated!

Discord Channel:! 

Thanks Evil, glad you liked it! Appreciated the feedback, have a great day!

Hey Caro.o! How are you? Glad to hear that you had fun playing it. We're already working in new hybrid creatures to use in the background.  If you want, we can contact you when release it! Thank you for the feedback and support, have a great day Caro.o

Hey GameFox, how are you doing? Really appreaciated your support doing this video, and glad you had fun playing it! We are working hard to release the full game as soon as possible. If you want, we can contact you when release it! Anyways, thanks for the feedback, have a lovely day! By the way, I already subscribed  in your youtube channel with my personal account, keep the good work =)

Hey EvilArtBunny! Yeah we agree with you. Upside down makes him more creepy haha! Really appreciate your feedback! Have a great day!

Hey Ryan! Glad you liked it! Really appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for playing lightning1290, hope you had fun!

Good luck with your YouTube channel :)

Hey Peter! We'll be glad if you could play and give us some feedback! Yea, Limbo is one of our inspirations. Have a great day 

Hey GameGabe! Thanks for playing our game. We're working on new content, soon we should have something to show you! Thanks again :)

Hey Paul. It's always good to meet other devs. Unfortunately our team is already closed. Maybe in the future we may contact you if we need some help. Let's keep in touch!

We're using Unity3D. And for the art, we're using Illustrator!

Hey Livia! Glad you liked it! We will try to do the best scenerios we can! Now  we're working in the same scenery, but it will be in the evening! Thanks for you feedback and support, have a great day

Hey, thank you liviaguedesf!

Thanks for the help Paul!

Hey, thank you for the video! We're already balancing the power bar so it won't frustrate people :)

Thank you for playing it! Your game looks fun too :)

Thanks the support jdotplay! Really appreciate!

Hey Primeval! Glad that you liked! We're working hard to improve the game even more! Have a nice week

Thanks PrimevalWorlds! Now we're working in all character animations. Glad you liked it!

Hey Benn, thanks for playing it. Hope you had fun :)

Oi, nós ainda estamos discutindo como disponibilizaremos as músicas do jogo. Assim que tivermos uma resposta te avisamos, ok? Obrigado por jogar, espero que tenha gostado!


Thanks, really flattered to hear that. We're working on new content so stay tuned!

Hey moshyfawn, we replied to your comment on Gamejolt. Thanks man!

Soon there will be more updates about the game :)

Hey bro, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback, I recognize the problems you faced, I'm already working on it. Thanks again, have a great day!

Hello Xeo, thanks for the video. We're glad to know you enjoyed the game. We're working on new content, as soon as it's available we'll let you know! Thanks man, have a great day

Hey Jon, thanks for playing it. Hope you enjoyed it

Hello, we're working on it. As soon as it's available we'll let you know! Thanks for reaching out to us

Hi ramirovasquez, thanks for playing the game and making a gameplay video! Hope you had fun

Hey Bob, thanks for reaching out to us. We're really happy you enjoyed it this much! We're working on the game right now. Any new content we have we'll post on our social media pages and in here, so stay tuned!

Hello! I'm glad you liked it.. yeah, those are quite creepy creatures haha. Nobody knows this but the elk is actually an elk-wolf hybrid. And I'm sorry you couldn't figure out the hedgehog puzzle, I need to create better hints throughout the game. You need to pull a lever that is located near the hedgehog that you can only see if you use the power. Anyway, thanks for your feedback :)

Hey man, thanks for playing it! I'm happy to know you had fun.. I just saw your video and I laughed so much hahaha. It's not on Gamejolt yet, but I'll follow your advice and create an account in there. By the way, you got a new subscriber! Have a great week!