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Mecha Shiva

A member registered 55 days ago

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pressing the jump button seems to crash the game for me o-o


Holy Cow! A new game from Kira!? I fell in love with your work back with Spooky's, and loved Vivo even more- I gotta play this! Albeit I'm gonna need to get my hands on a windows computer first

Love the artwork!!! It took a second to get used to the jumping, but I'm a big fan of difficult games like this so it's great! I heard there was gonna be an update as well, any chance we'll still be getting that! Would certainly be cool to see more!

I see, well I'm glad it's not gone for good! Good luck with your projects!

I found this game the other day and thought it looked cool, but when I came here today to download it, the download button is missing? What's up?

Aw man, I went to snap a photo of my score and the concept art popped up! Not the end of the world though, the concept art was pretty cool! (I like the little mushroom guy)