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Just adding my name to the long list of players who have made a YouTube video of your charming game.

Also, the horse totally got away with murder.

every time i try to load the game it freezes on loading screen at 100%. if i move the d-pad up and down i can hear noises and if i click on buttons i can hear things happening, but i can't see anything except the loading screen

Hey guys, I played your game for a bit! it was pretty fun!

I love the atmosphere of this game but holy dooley was the Pong minigame ever frustrating (went for too long, and too punishing).

That was the problem, cheers!

I had another go at it, this time got up to Boot Camp (Marine Camp?) and then promptly failed the you have to start the game from the start after failing that test? Was still working out the controls and forgot to head back to the start of the test where the Drill Sargent was thinking that I was done and then couldn't see a way to restart the test (also, maybe there should be a way to quickly skip NPC dialogue, not looking forward to going through everyone's conversation again haha)

damn, that did a great job of feeling creepy in such a subtle way! great job!

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I installed the game but it seemed to be unresponsive on the main menu screen,  moving the mouse and hitting keys did nothing to fix it

EDIT: figured it out, for some reason my mouse wasn't showing on the screen so I had to guess where it was to progress further.

I could get to the newspaper screen but then the mouse issue stopped me from going further, might be worth toggling space bar for those screens, or allowing the wasd or directional arrows to select options.

it looks great and I really wanna try more of it (and was keen to upload it to my youtube channel as well) but i'll have to wait til these issues are fixed

Well that was just hecking lovely.

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That was a blast! What a god damn rush! It took me a lil while to figure out that hotkeys were available (1,2,3) which made things much less intense! I didn't do too badly, if I do say so myself!