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This was truly a 10/10 experience! The amount of choice and customatisation here is staggering, astonishing. It build immersion so well. You truly feel like you're in the story, and not just projecting onto a nameless character with your name. Freedom in interaction/dialgue choices shines most here; I never feel like I'm saying something just because that's the closest it will get to how I actually feel. And the art, by golly the art, its SO gorg, like it's genuinely so comforting, especially when compounded by the ever comforting soundtrack. This has also been my first ever experience with a, not sure how to call it, full life-sim VN? I've played MANY VNs, but never one that spans the entirerty of a character's life in such  a detailed manner; what can I say, it's super immersive! Obviously I cannot judge the entirerty of it, considering that the only fully fleshed out section is childhood/stage 1, but just basing it off of that...mannn. This is a bit personal, but making some of the choices actually prompted me to reminisce on how I was as a child, something I dont do very often-a really nostalgic experience that I'm super greatful for. The only criticism I would have is that I wish the game acknowledged a little more once you change your name/gender upon entering a new stage; it just treats it like thats the way its always been. I can see the appeal this may have for some, but it did break immersion for me a little. 

 Definitely looking forward to the full version of the game!

I truly have no words; well, I do,as soon you will here me absolutely yap my praises. But this truly feels like something I ought to have paid to play. The art and voice acting is of professional quality, and fits the aesthetics of the game so well. And dont EVEN get me started on the OST; what absolute BANGERS.  As for the story, it is extemely unique and nothing like anything I have ever experienced before; a welcome deviation to be sure! While this may have just been me being a bit blind to obvious hints in retrospect, the twist really did catch me offguard. I guess I really fit into 9's shoes, with my line of thinking; I was CONVINCED it would be the masked person!(terrible at remembering names). Quite sure I didn't get all  the endings but I want to write this in the spur of the moment, so take this with a grain of salt; GOD I loved the silly little robot administrator! The Silly! So precious, spend the entirerty of my first playthrough hanging out with him, while most would've done this to find out more about Maddie, I just wanted to spend time with the goober! 

Interesting concept, and so uncomfortably well executed. Two places where this shines is def the voice acting and the UI changes. I cannot stress how much I adored the attention to detail with the progressively more distorted UI. BUT THE VOICE ACTING? OMG. Most people likely noticed Niall's especially at the ending where I assume MC chokes to death,which yes, was powerfully emotional, huge props to the VA. BUT, I feel that whoever voices MC, especially the non-verbal elements like the pained cries, screams and retching are just so violently accurate; it really adds to the horror realism

Cool and innovative way to execute a love triangle scenario, both characters are appealing in their own ways. Was worried that this would go down the path of misusing DID so it was super relieving to find out you were creative with your use of mythology; it also leaves some really interesting plot points to explore later on in the story, should you continue this project. Matter of personal preference but there was something just a little off-putting about the facial structure of the characters, but that's just me. Another thing I REALLY appreciated here was the realism in not only the MCs reactions, but also the responses to said reactions; in many VNs of this type more realistic/scared responses are treated as the "asshole" or the "wrong" option, and while this can work with certain personalities of characters, it is so overused

Sweet game with a uniquely endearing concept. Art's delightful too, particularly shining in the backgrounds. Unfortunately, the faults in this really bog it down from what it could very well be. On more technical terms, the game tends to lag behind with input; sometimes text wont progress when pressing, only to jump forward by 2-3 upon further clicking, creating a bothersome necessity to keep checking the dialogue history. I also believe that skipping such vast amounts of time so quickly was a bold move, a bold move that sadly didn't pay off, imo. It feels brash, and it feels like we're missing out on much needed character development. While I can understand the intent of wanting the MC to feel bland enough to project onto, I felt some of the dialogue choices felt a bit too bland. Furthermore, I feel most characters, aside from the love interest could use ALOT of development; especially the girl friend! She feels very one-note, unfortunately; cliche, almost.

Quite good and creative interpretation of the jam criteria, though the plot twist feels a bit outlandish with such little build up; I feel like a lot of the filler could've been instead used to slowly build up to the twist. That aside, I can find no fault with the writing, and the art is very atmospheric yet sophisticated

I thought it was more about overcoming mental illness, but now that you say that, this interpretation hits even deeper! Especially towards the end, as the cat begs you to stay-yikes

oh. my. GOD. Words cannot describe how every little bit of me enjoyed this game. The art is so deceivingly adorable. The ending mechanics/fourth wall breaks in regards to loading and saving I absoutely LIVE for, and they were executed in this game so well. Almost Each and every ending is so fascinatingy morbid in it's own creative ways. I also enjoy the underlying metaphor of overcoming mental health issues, it's very potent and heart warming. While most of the jumpscared didnt get me, I did jump a little for some, and I can definately say that a more jumpy person would JUMP OUT OF THEIR SKIN. So that's a delight! Overal, one of the most creative save/load mechanic horror games I have played, very enjoyable and disturbing.

Where do I start? I'm a sucker for gameplay loops/timeloop story games,and not only is this that, it also wonderfully incorporates this mechanic into the story; my only complaint would be that MC doesn't react more to the repetition besides the intro. That being said, I can't say I have any more critiques. This game, it really doesnt have a genre. It is about so many things. It is a dark romance, it is a fantasy, maybe even a psychological horror on some levels. And the one interpretation I enjoyed above all was that, to some extent, this story is about overcoming su1c1d4l thoughts and finding a will to live again, a reason to live again. I found that particularly beautiful. The art goes without saying; absolutely stunning. It is far surpassed by the sound design, however. The thought that went into every little detail of sfx really built up the atmosphere here, and it does not go underappreciated. One final praise I have left to sing, a rather meek one compared to the overall moving narrative structure and game design is just how reasonably relatable MC's inner dialogue is; it sounds like a small thing, but it is where many VN's struggle, and yet where this prospers like in it's many other aspects. 

A super impactful VN that actually touches on some very serious issues on the internet, especially targetting those in their early teen years. While I have fortunately not experienced all depicted in the game, I have experienced one of the three, and can say that it's depicted quite well, if in a simple format. The animation quality SHOCKED me, it was so wonderful and cool and just everything; I was so suprised for there to be a fully animated segment! The art is a delight aswell. Another thing that gave me quite the nice shock was the song at the end; not sure if its a person singing with a filter or an ai voice, but nontheless it sounds very cool and is a sweet roundoff to the game. The only critique I would have is the ending execution. Once the game ends, the menu art changes, which made me almost expect it to be a fakeout and to continue once you start a new game, with her remembering the last playthrough to some extent. All in all, I just expected there to be a little more lore to it. All in all though, a great idea with great execution!

Art's great, plot, while a little bit whatpaddy and cliche is really intriguing. While I had a little bit of trouble identifying with my role as MC, particularly with less trusting options resulting them becoming bud-buds with the characters either way, I'd be down for a ride upon the full release, as the set up is really interesting. Speaking of characters, I'd say our boss(i am terrible at remembering names) is a cool twist villain; in such a short time you were able to create a connection that felt just the right amount of bitter when he betrays us. I also love how the MC treads the line between being actually relatable without appearing cringe and trying to be "down and cool with the kids"-I could actually picture myself thinking some of their thoughts! The true highlight of this so far has been the musical composition my GOD the musical composition. Right from the intro menu I'm grooving; and other tracks fit scenarios so well! 

oh also, here's my favourite line from the whole game: 

I can tell its unfinished, but man does the ending feel extremely abrupt. The mechanics in the game are promising, and the art is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND STUNNING, ESPECIALLY IN THE CUTSCENES. However, the story is rather non-sensical, in a confusing way. I can tell that it is meant to be that, ateast a little bit, but you find yourself just going like "so what was all that about" at the end

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Sweet game, comfortingly beautiful art. It's poetic in its writing. Voice acting, while, a little repetitive in it's tone and expression, fits the character and is calming to the ear; audio quality is pristine, too. This may be just because I'm used to games with more customisable protagonists, but it felt weird to give a name to the character being played as, as there was very little room to project onto the character that you're playing as; even in the choice, they all eventually circled back to the same personality traits and values. Otherwise, a nice, wholesome read

Oh, I would've almost forgotten! The sound effects are an absolute delight and combined with the rural-fantasy esque music composition that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the game it, for some reason, brought me back to some Barbie games I played as a kid. It was a nice splash of nostalgia 

What a cute little game, if only there were more "segments" so to speak! The first gave me a little taste and I can't help but crave for more! (puns absolutely intended). The concept within itself is so inventive and intriguing, and feels like it could go for so many new stories which utilised it. And the art-THE ART MY GOD. Pure Eye-candy, with such a soft look to it. The interaction between the two main characters is just adorable too, wish I could see more of their adventures

It's a darn shame it's only so short for now, such a calm game with great atmosphere and art. Gameplay is relatively easy but also nicely methodical and I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom given in the latte art. One issue I would point out is that the lack of dialogue from the protagonist feels a bit weird, especially considering it feels like the characters are responding to very specific dialgue from us that we cannot see. 

Had super high expectations based on my first impressions of the game. I greatly appreciate the artstyle, it is super pretty but cartoonish enough to fit the undertale aesthetic. Where this really shines though, is in the characterisation of the characters; to an extent. It's super thoughtful how well most characters are explored, aside from the usually popular ones. How they aren't presented as perfect but have their own flaws, such a Toriel being overprotective and having an idealised view of motherhood. Leading me onto my next point; I simply adore the balance of basic, fairy-tale like nature of the atmosphere and story, perfectly matching the vibe of undertale, while subtly considering deeper issues(prejudices among monsters vs humans, toriel's inability to truly provide a safe environment for frisk) and presenting them ingeniously through the viewpoint of the child that we are playing as. Oh, also, I liked the attention to detail(mostly referring to the whole kissy cutie thing with sona having pink hair)

So where did this fail, when it could have flourished? In my oppinion, I believe that the pacing of development in the story was severly disorganised. I found myself struggling to grapple with the understanding of what was going on. Sure, I am very aware many of this was likely to bugs I experienced(Windows-entire scenes missing, that weird black overlay with text on the first playthrough), but upon watching playthroughs I still noticed that some scenes have a habit of just, skipping? I'll be halfway through a "day" and all of a sudden frisk is preparing for sleep. With that, many plot lines are left hanging. Prime example, Frisk's dreams. Great potential, but it never gets fully explained to make sense. The player is just left to guess. And the endings(With Sona turning everyone into humans, the first one I got, as well as many that I have watched playthroughs for) happen very abruptly, almost giving whiplash. Almost no build-up whatsoever, leaving it feeling less like a plot-twist and more like the writer became burnt-out and bored about 1/3 of the way through the game and half-assed the story just to finish it. It's a shame, really, it had great potential as a fangame, considering that there aren't many good one's that stray from the RPG format 

Great soundtrack, great stylistic art, and GREAT voice acting! Truly, a shitpost to be reckoned with

Cute game with a perfectly fitting and atmospheric soundtrack. Character design and sprites are just adorable and great too. However, the story feels very discombobulated and overall quite generic. The few interestic story threads feel left loose and not extended to their full potential. The gameplay was good, but nothing to write home about; generic much like the story.  Also wish that the game was available in fullscreen. Overall 3/5 stars

A truly beautiful game I could never have asked more of. The art is so atmospheric and enchanting haha, get it? I didn't find it as emotional as some might have, but it's perhaps since I've never yet dealt with such loss myself. I like the simple gameplay mechanics, and while it took a bit of trial and error to figure out the (current) 3 endings, the story had me invested enough to keep trying. Poetically enough, the last ending I got was the good(?) ending, or so I think. I forgot the end card, but it was when I added my tears to the mixture instead of the snow root. Oh! One thing I forgot to mention, I absolutely adored the tenderness of the memories between MC and - uhm god how did I already forget the name. They were so sweet and yet emotionally charged. They truly felt like real people and I can appreciate that greatly

The graphics are stunning; especially of note: the facial expressions- a perfect balance of cartoonish and realistic. The gameplay had really fun twists in it too. Unfortunatelly, I cannot say that I enjoyed this game. I can appreciate it for the obvious work that went into it, but I found it boring all too often.  Ofcourse, I was not expecting to be entirerly drawn in; this is a slice of life afterall. But at the very least I had hoped for the world to fully immerse me and to be able to feel connections with the characters. But that just wasn't there, and it all felt quite alien and disconnected. That being said, I can't think of any particular reasons why it is this way, other than the fact that some scenes feel very drawn out with unnecessary amounts of detail. While I can appreciate the passion for writing here, I feel it goes a little overboard at times and really slows the pace

Perfectly spooky, with fantastic voice acting. The imagery is just the right mix of realistic and scary too!

Cool game with a spooky ambience; I also really liked the slight weirdcore vibes. Sensing some potential symbolism/undertones within the story itself but I'm not quite sure what they are. despite having my guesses. One thing I would say, is that I wish the ending wasn't so abrupt; it left me rather confused. That being said, though, the art and character designs are just ADORABLE too

Super cool, I love how this game took the "monika" concept(so to speak) and took it one step further. All I would say is I wish there was a little more horror elements in the demo. Aside from that, the game looks really good and runs quite smoothly on default settings, which is suprising on my set-up!

Oh, I would've almost forgotten-THE MENU MUSIC? Opened the game and was already straight up JAMMING. What an introduction!


So glad I decided to check your page after playing Gavril, regardless of my opinions on that game. First of all, I was going to rate this 4 stars, simply from the fact that the story is lacking, much like with Gavril. But that, as well as my utter and complete appreciation for the artistic direction of this is where the comparisons end. THE VOICE ACTING? Literally amazing!!!! Immediatelly recognised Aku Punks VA, and was absolutely stunned O-O 

With the immense VA talent on display here, as well as the perfected character design(both in visual and personality) really sells the potential this has. I'd LOVE to see this come to fruition as either a game or even a full blown series! So much potential here, it's insane-

And don't even get me STARTED on the QR codes. I N S A N E. With that, I wish I could rate this even higher than 5 stars. It instantly  sparked my interest, and maintained it throughout. I expected some Youtube videos, maybe some documents, which would've already been super engaging and interactive. But A PERSONALITY QUIZ? THE UNI COURSE WEBSITE? THE FREAKING QnA SITE? You've completely and utterly outdone yourselves, it's mesmerising and "impressive" would not do this justice. Super hyped to see where this goes!

Art is superb, love the artistic direction. Like the character expressions aswell, very dynamic with lots of personality. That being said, the story leaves alot to be desired. Aside from feeling like your stereotypical story of this genre(ie be mean, get killed. Be less mean, get a mid ending and get robbed, be nice to someone who's dangerous for no good reason, be rewarded?),  it doesn't grip you all that well, aleast in my experience. I have to say though,in the bonus love ending, his little peer from the door was a little bit cute and I found myself gushing over it a little. The first ending I got was the RAVENOUS ending, so I can also compliment the jumpscare-got me there haha

While there were some issues I had with this game, it was nothing that could sway my oppinion that this is a straight up 5 star game. Came here straight after playing project kat, and I must that that I am pleasantly not suprised. This continues the trends of the prologue, being a fantastic example of how pixel RPGs should be. 

The art strikes yet again as professional in anime-esque levels; though I must say I miss the cute little tutorial sections! I'd go as far as to say that the pixel art and environments have actually somehow IMPROVED over project kat-they're so atmospheric and really set the mood! Both the background and some of the scenes in the game greatly remind me of Undertale, in the best ways possible; I'd even go as far as to say that-in the environment art direction- it tops Toby Fox's work. The lighting is just so immersive and stunning, only complimented by the music. Speaking of which, some tracks also had given me MAJOR Deja Vu from Undertale, particularly the Waterfall section; again I mean this is good spirits. 

The story is yet again captivating; it has kept me interested throughout the whole game, and I have nothing that I could critique about it.  So much so, that despite the issues I will soon discuss, I persisted through just to be able to experience the game myself. 

Now, I must discuss the two issues I felt this game had. 

First, a more logistical, possibly bug-related issue-the fuse puzzle in the facility. From what I tried, I could not trigger the elevator to work without "freeing" the monster(?). I know that some people HAVE found a way, as I was attempting to follow a walkthrough, however what they input, and what fixed the elevator for them did not do so for me. I searched further and found you CAN actually remove the "25" fuse and use it to fix the elevator and that seemed to work for me; with one small caviat-a frustrating 15 minutes or so of retrying a billion times getting killed by a shadow figure. Mainly, my main issues with this are: 1. The non-shadow figure solution would not work, despite seeing it work for others


2. With the shadow-figure option, and with some other parts of the game, I feel like the functions could be explained better in-game. For example, I didn't realise until lengthy trial and error that the "hide in the bushes" section relied on you waiting in the bush for longer than the beating stopped. Same for this particular issue, I feel like the game should've somehow clarified that it WAS possible to quickly get inside the elevator before the shadow figure kills you, instead of leaving the player guessing whether they're glitching the game or if it is impossible. 

As for my second issue, it is regarding the spook-factor of this game. Now take what I am about to say with a grain of salt, as I do realise I may be de-sensetised to horror(I consume quite alot of it). But I must say that the game was more mysterious than scary. Yes, some parts were disturbing, but mostly only for the first time seeing them. Second of all, the many chase scenes proved to be more irritating over time than adrenaline boosting. One thing I CAN say was done well in the horror department, would have to be the few times you would see a creature at the peripheral of your field of view, only for it to dissapear the moment you move closer. The first couple times of getting killed by the shadow figures in the facility(before the fuse box issue) also got me a little; similarly to the fairy ring. 

All in all though, despite the aforementioned issues, I thoroughly enjoyed the entirerty of this game and am looking forward to Chapter 2!

(PS. Rune is just ADORABLE)

Good GOD. Where do I even start? The story is capitvating, gripping, and leaves me in constant suspense wanting to find out more. The Puzzles aren't too hard and even satisfying to complete. The 45minute or so runtime almost goes by too quickly(in a good way). Love how this doesn't rely too heavily on the gore for the scares, but instead opts for existential dread and fear created through the environment. And don't even get me STARTED on the artstyle! The Close-up, almost cutscene like shots are masterfully drawn, it looks like something from an anime. The little tutorial black screens are just ADORABLE and the pixel art is just the right amount of pixel, with wonderfully crafted enviornments and lighting. Going right onto checking out Paper Lilly!

Cool game, quite spooky. Not sure what the message was supposed to be exactly, though I did like how the daily tasks become harder as the character became slower-it's immersive because it mirrors the character's struggle

Stunning art, both beautiful and horrifying, with an intriguing story and a cool twist at the end of the demo that brings everything into spine-chilling clarity. The writing is almost as stunning as the art, a display of immense talent.

Short, but god if not absolutely amazing!I was suprised by how well the 2D art composed into a 3D environment, and the game ran super smoothly, which was a pleasant suprise(most 1st Person 3D games often lag alot of my computer)


I have to say, while the primary story with Claire left alot to be desired in terms of development, the 4th wall break with the cat girl in the menu is what really sold this game for me. I don't know, I just liked the way that she was introduced almost as a creator self insert in a way, onl there to lead you through the set up and "restart?" choice, but ended up playing a crucial role in the actual story. A creative take on a 4th wall break, that's for sure. Also, and I realise this may be a somewhat hidden secret, the mirror jumpscare actually got me, so well done for that haha

Amazing art, with a captivating story and a cool potential twist; music also really adds to the atmosphere big time. I have to say though, a major issue for this game is the confusing gameplay. For the majority of "puzzles" I had to look up gameplays, and game up entirerly to just watch the gameplay after getting to the hospital. 

Hate to be so brash about this but, while there weren't any glaring issues with the game and the writing was decent, it was just mid. Don't get me wrong, I can see alot of effort has gone into this game(especially the art)-but it just doesn't draw you in and interest you enough. I found myself wanting just a little more, and not in the good way. 

yeah same, random numbers keep popping up. I got 21 and 12

yeah same, random numbers keep popping up. I got 21 and 12

What a cute little game. Art is amazing, story perfectly wholesome and intriguing; has it's emotional moments but can be enjoyed perfectly fine as a slice of life. A good play!

puzzles were a bit difficult, but all in all it's a nice game. I'm no historian, so I'm not sure, but this seems rather accurate to it's time! The art and music are absolutely splendid, too

Ps. Fav ending is DEFINATELY the world domination ending. I WILL RULE THE WORLD WITH THE SASS CUBE





Alas, I am thrilled to bestow you the honor of being the second so far game from a small creator on to provide me with a new comfort character :D