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This is beyond amazing, please tell me you have a patreon

Win for the bi people

My favorite part about this game was thinking I could date Mccree, realizing you couldn't, then making my character miss all his classes and cause a story line glitch.

Damn, that 3$ to 10$ sticky notes turned me away

Agreed with this guy below me I'll be graduating college by then

atleast stop billing and asking for kofi if you are going on hiatus lol

Where do we donate to?

I can't wait for the next update! wishing the best of luck for a good money kickstar

2nd what? there are multiple choices.

Question for Wes' route: 

Does anyone know the best choices in the lake scene? I could figure it out with the other two but not with Wes.

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You should probably spoiler this

Is there a road map for the game? I'd like one :)

Thanks! (yeah I made my password 1234, 1111, and then 6969. Thanks again! Still can't figure out how to use it in the fight once I get it though)

Does anyone know how to use the bomb in Burry's route? Every time I deactivate it, it goes to Rune. Also, where's the event you get shot by a dog? I've looked everywhere, and can't see, to find it. 

Does anyone have like a docs guide to the game? I get lost in the choices, and can't seem to get shot by a dog, get the bomb to burry, and use the bomb.

More Klaus please, that was amazing and I loved the adrenaline rush from the more spooky parts.

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Please tell :) you can put spoiler

So, soon?

This is such a hidden gem :)

Alright, will there be anything outside of the game? On twitter maybe?

Is there gonna be a written scene with Tyson? Or a CG about it? 

Is there an estimate on the next updates release date? Great demo btw :)

Is there an estimate for when the hiatus will be over?

When will Chapter 2 be released to the public?

Future use aka use in 2000 year

Hey guys, check out my cat who looks like Malus :)

He forgor 💀

Calling out the misspell since you have nothing better to say

Honestly I would give honest critique if Kael took it like a real person and not a baby who's never been told no.

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If Caelen is a self insert of Kael himself, remind me never to see him irl

I'm pretty sure it's not always worth the wait

I really like it! A bit cryptic, but I can mostly put that to my detective skills being next to nothing. Happens a bit out of nowhere, but I like that aspect. It hits you when you least expect it.

Does anyone have sheet music for the intro to Echo?

My thread stickied? I feel honored :) 

"Oh yeah, the update is delayed cause I'm under stress or something"

Caelen has to be the most annoying, and terribly written character lmao

"I'm under stress guys, but here's a Ranok plush" 

We all know you aren't cmon now

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This is my favorite comment, he is probably being genuine asking how it's going, but people downvoted cause they thought he was being rude 

So they never find the Hotel?