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It's a zip file, which is kind of like a folder. Open it and pull out the folder inside it onto your desktop. Then you should find the EXE inside that!

Rule 4.a. says that 4+ Hits causes damage, but there's no explanation of what constitutes a Hit

cel7 community · Created a new topic Linux Issue

The Linux executable is giving me a Segmentation Fault. I've tried running it without any script and with the hello.c7 demo. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

What size paper was this made to be printed on?

I'm using a laptop with a high DPI screen and the window is very small. Any way to fix this?

It's never too late to start!

Pls keep alien boy safe for me

Whoever gets T.V. HED I hope you enjoy him!
thanks for Loss my guy

Very interesting concept! I feel like one thing that would help would be having some visual cue for where the map ends. Love the monster too, it's very cute!

Very fun concept, but the hitboxes on those spikeballs are a tad bit big I think.

Awesome, well executed idea!! Will definitely be rating this one highly

Hi, love the game!! Just curious, what game engine (if any) did you use to make it?