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I'm not sure your 'wall run' mechanic works properly. I was able to finish the easy level and half the medium but that was it.

Nice game, I guess it was just an experiment for you. I think you did a good work with the difficulty because games like this are often too hard and I liked the music. You could make it longer and put in more types of hazard, like the guy below me said put in some enemies, also your UI needs work.

Nice game. 


-Nice consistent art style.

-Music is okay.

-Good length for what it is.

-Checkpoints kept me from quitting.


-Need to playtest a bit more to make some hazards a bit less annoying.

-Telling people controls at the start would be nice.

-Some niggling things like do I need to press restart when I die? If I don't want to restart I'll just quit ;)


I like it where you hold the bird

Wow looks like I've accidentally met the subtheme

Sorry but far, far too short. To be immersive it would need to be about 5x as long, maybe have 5 'mini levels' each about the same length as the island at the start.

I like the idea. I just think the controls are very awkward. You have to constantly adjust the camera so need to use WASD/arrows with space and mouse, never a good idea and you need to keep switching hand positions. Why not just have an auto-adjusting camera? Would it be very hard to implement? The description is also wrong, you don't die instantly from high speed collisions rather you take damage proportional to the impulse you receive.

Tl;dr good concept but needs some easy tweaks to make it more playable.

It's pretty simple. I think you should play it a few times yourself. It would be way more fun if you fixed some stuff. Sometimes obstacles are impossible to jump over. Also 1000 coins is insanely hard to get, noone will play that long.

Basically it's a nice concept, but you could make it way better with just some tiny changes.

By the way it is playable now :)

This is a trial game so don't expect much. However I'll try to smooth out the more glaring bugs :).

Posted this in the hope it works for some people :) maybe I will fix it for myself some day.

Great physics and nice concept. 

I got stuck on the (third or fourth, can't remember), which starts with a box and a huge wall to cross over. It didn't seem possible, even using the box to gain momentum. Finally I accidentally threw the box on top of the platform and couldn't restart, so I quit.

Aside from that, the controls are a bit annoying. If we are using WASD or arrow keys to move please don't make use hit enter to move on, it's annoying, make it S or something. Same with R (which I had to hit a lot on the mines level). Especially if we also need to use the mouse to throw.