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I'm having a slight issue where every time I open the game the resolution is wrong, the game appears way to the side and some of it is falling off my screen, and monitor falls asleep after a bit. I found a fix where if  I switch tabs then switch back it works there are just black bars on the top and bottom. My monitor is 16:10 so I see why it doesn't work.

Other than this, the game is CRAZY fun. it's hard as hell but keeps you playing because of how fun the gameplay is. the movement-focused gameplay is wonderfully fun and easy to pick up. I've only played for about two hours but I already fully understand the controls (hard to master though, which is great). I can see myself playing this for dozens of hours.

Oh right and can we talk about the graphics? This game looks beautiful and doesn't clutter your screen with unimportant things. It's very clear on what you need to dodge and fight. And your always sure whats happening on your screen if your paying attention. 

amazing job, my dudes.

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so (for me at least) the file is a .rar file that I don't know how to run. How can I play this? I got it from the BLM bundle if that helps.

EDIT: I figured it out why does winRAR have to be so complicated