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Hell yeah. I regret not watching Jacksfilms in 2015, but I don't regret this experience.

Mr. Barji has done it. Nice new features, and overall a great remake. The collision is a little weird, though, but then again it's a rage game, so I might as well not question it ha ha :)



I was making a game so similar to this a few months ago but put it aside lmao. Anyway, yes

This is the best gmtk game jam 2020 game by far 110001010/10

It's the voice of Barji Jack himsel

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Wow! I love to drop kids! Dropping children is my favourite pastime

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I enjoyed co-hosting it as well!

you're most welcome my friend.

Hee hee I'm tired of lecturing this person lmao.

Sure, but I suppose just as a regular Itch game - so I guess you won't be competing in the jam if you do happen to submit it late.

Hey - I have discussed this with another host. If this project was started before the jam and/or is a personal project (i.e., not originally intended for the jam), then no, we won't accept the submission. Sorry :(


Good luck to everyone!


Good luck! Have fun :D

We will consider this :)

This is the best what are you talking about

stop you're on discord and twitter and that's good enough

who's dorbellprod, jaycode, mattabulous, bandsmen games, the programming juvenile, dindi, yannick, dindi, dorbellprod?


Beta 4 let's gooooooooo

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Really nice music, art, sound, idea! For menly problem is, the game's difficulty rises quickly, at least for me. Didn't make it past experiment 7. I find it really hard to aim with my cursor for some reason... 

Regardless of the difficulty, I did quite enjoy the game. Reminds me of Will You Snail - you don't complete a level until you suddenly make one precise jump; the completion is just so satisfying after the struggle.

Come to think of it - I only just realized that I take the role of Edgar, and face his struggles with the Slurpies (I am pretty dumb). I'll bet it's hard for Edgar to conduct these "experiments" without his Slurpies dying so many times... it's kinda depressing.

You and Jonas did really well. The game is beautiful. Since this was created in only 2 or 3 days, I guess I can expect some rather high difficulty or a really annoying bug or something; the whole point of the game is to stay around the theme of LD!

wow that was a long comment, sorry for that.


I have completed the game. The lava was too cold though! MAKE A SEQUEL PLEASE

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This game is really neat!

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I don't know if it's just me but everything I do gets delayed by my ping times one million. Also, a lot of the time, bots kill me from a really long range... and I don't know if this is intentional but their aim is (100%) spot-on. I understand that this isn't the final release, but I don't find it fun dying every 2 seconds lol. Other than these issues, the game itself is really great and looks nice!

No fair, I want to see my toy poodle Toby doing backflips lmao

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

I really like this game. Mechanics nicely done, well made!

Not gonna lie, it's lookin' kinda THICC

Anytime, love these kinds of little games!

0/10, Didn't get my money after my dog got stolen by a crazy woman in my dream.

This is a really nice game! Really nice music and well made.

I wish I could pull out every tooth and watch the person slowly frown