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How long did it take you to finish this game? Everything is polished.

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But can I buy the source code? I want to buy the code for the camera and planet rotation. It's so smooth.

Ok thanks. Nice game by the way

Source code?

LD38 - timelapse

Youtube demo

There is a bug in the webgl version of the game -> you can click the wrapper when no gift is selected. Try downloading the exe version!

What did you use for the pathfinding?

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I did used my idea on HowTo: dynamic grid tutorial video for the tiles (grass, and floor). Here is the link if you ever want it (It's for Unity C# only by the way)

Be sure to subscribe to my channel and I'll try to make more howto video tutorials whenever I want.

Also, the source code for this "37 hours in a room" game is messy cause I rushed it. I didn't even try to use some inheritance or whatsoever complex design patterns.