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Nice spookies, a few of them really got me :) Too bad you can't catch pokemons in this game ;)

When I just got immersed into the game it ended and I got let's say a little shocked! Let's wait for a full game ;)

Nice game, found 1 ending, still looking for a second one ;)

Nice game with a great lore. Everyone deserve a mom like this!

Nice game, but a little to short? xD

Nice game. Doll's voice sounds like a guy squeezing his voice :D

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Good short horror game! It has a nice vibe to it ;) Would play something like this again! ;) So far I found 2 endings, are there more?

Great game! To bad this cop forgot his gun and had to do some running away ;D

Great horror game with funny humor elements to chill at the evening before going to bed ;)

This game looks promising. Interesting story and I like the voice over. Looking forward for a full game! ;)

Great game for chill evening! I wonder if there's a way to escape the bear or does he always catch you?

Good stuff to play before bed ;) Great game! 

Encountered a few bugs, but found a workaround so no problem. Game is good has a great potential, felt like an American movie where a group of friends go out of the town and encounter some scary stuff ;)

If you like Amnesia games, you will love this one too :) Could be a few more spooks and lore, but overall it's a great atmospheric horror game ;)

I'm glad we don't have to run away from anything in this game ;) Good game :)

Did my best to make this gameplay look not depressed.

Pretty cool game, gives you comfort vibes. And lack of lore adds some mysteriousness to the game. Amazing! ;) 

Not bad, not bad. That jump scare at the end cracked my neck, but no doctors required. Good game! ;)


Amazing game! But there's let's say two things I would improve, the first thing is at start of the game, car driving felt a little to long. Second thing is the ending, it ended to fast!!! Overall it felt like a great game with huge potential ;)

Good stuff! Feels familiar and I'm not sure why. Great thing to play before bed ;)

Great game! Anyone who wants to experience struggles of little mouse and see how hard is to survive in this cruel world this game is for you ;)

Great game! Could be more lore to understand what is happening, but overall it's a nice short horror game! ;)

Got all 3 endings :P

Great game! Sometimes your inventory can bug out, but nevertheless it's a fun stuff maybe a bit to "beginner friendly" saying each step what to do. Looking further for more! ;)

Got stuck a few times, didn't know what to do, but atmosphere is good so it's ok ;) Btw what is the name of music that plays during party?

Great game! Now it feels like I've watched a good detective movie! Amazing memories! ;)

If you like cute dogs you will love this game! ;)

Creepy creepy creepy! Great atmosphere, almost felt like a movie. Could be some more lore like notes, letters, etc. Otherwise it's a nice short horror game ;)

First game? More like Triple AAA game! Nice job making an amazing short horror game pal! ;)

Great game! Love the vibe of it and I hope to see more stuff like this in the future ;) 

Good stuff here, but there's one "but". When that ball head starts to chase you, at his spawn appears one more fart mark which you have to clean. the problem is he's chasing you to fast and when you clean it he caches you. otherwise it's a great short horror game ;) got almost all endings ;)

Felt like a horror movie, but can't recall which one. Amazing game! ;) 

The further you go the creepier it gets. At first I was confused, but when I caught up to things that happen I was almost shocked. Great game ;)

A bit shorter than advertised, but maybe I was too scared and was running away from Mr. Hatman.

Great game, love the occult vibe in it. Got all 3 endings ;)

5 great games in 1 pack is very nice. 4 of them I played some time ago. This time I played Tartarus Engine, love the story/idea of the game. Amazing ending ;)

Great atmosphere and I like how the monster slowly creeps upon you, but at the same time the game feels a bit to slow. Overall it's a nice short horror game ;)

Option to turn on or off fish lens and motion blur would be nice. Overall it's a nice game ;)

That guy was way to creepy lol ;D Also got all 3 endings :P

This game feels like a movie and I love the voice over. It's a great short horror experience! ;)

Beautiful photo realistic graphics. Some more interactions and lore would be amazing! :p