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Thats why you dont eat before bed!

Great atmosphere, love it!

Great game, but a bit too short. Also 2-3 extra jumpscares would be nice in between the tasks :p 

Well done and unexpected jumpscares, all of them got me, good game.

Great atmosphere, felt like im in some kind of spaceship or planet.

Easy controls, nice colors, good game!

Great light-horror before bed ;) Got 2 endings :)

Great game! Scary in its own way, love it.

For a game that is made in one day it's an amazing short game. Love the flashlight transitions! It adds a lot to the atmoshpere.

If you want to unlock a secret tape try typing in "lamb" when in meat store.

Great game, but Tommy still missing ;(

Great stuff! Got me few time there.

Never been a baby sitter before! Great stuff!

Demon monke pls don't eat me

Great game! Love the surreal feeling!

Good game! A bit too short though.


Great story! Love the game!

2D transition into 3D was unexpected! Great stuff!

Great and sad game. Let's hope Cohen is staying strong.

Great voice acting! Love it!

Great game! Took me a while to figure how to change a drill bit :D

Love the cultist creepy atmosphere! Great game!

Cool game!

Good stuff! I look forward to full release.

Try eat the donuts and then beat the game! Heh.

I found 2 of them =]

Oh no! Poor Wooly.. :(

Don't be late on a first day!

Good recipe =D

Looks like a predator from aliens vs predator. heh. :]

That thing creeped me out lel :]

Great game! Maybe a bit to slow

Short but tape fixes anything!

At one point got spooked by my own shadow. Great game!

Bad monke :]

Great game! Took some time to defeat The Ratman himself.

Love the voice over =D

Creepy granny =]

Yep yep yep. This scared me. One of the scariest games I ever played! Wanna get scared? Play this :)