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Idk how to rate rate this like a normal game, but I like it a lot. I haven't finished it yet because I have to do a couple things for christmas, but I'll finish it either later or after Christmas. I know the ending will be great anyway because i love all of your games (especially 4x4 archipelago). Hope you win the jam!


how do I travel to new sectors

Amazing gem

what are the controls? is there a sprint option

I couldnt even beat the first level lol. cool game tho

Fun game, I just wish there was some sort of way to save a checkpoint. Restarting everytime you die gets annoying.

If you put your browser on 90% zoom and then fullscreen there is a button on the bottom that says guide. If u click it it gives you some basic info about the game. If you have more specific questions just reply with them and I will try to answer :)

This is a really fun game, it would be cool if you added harder difficulty options. Great game tho :)