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cool game. found it watching through the playlist of every IGF 2020 entry on YouTube. Good luck!

on the contrary. it's in active development :)

I just haven't posted any updates in awhile. There is a twitter account for it

Pretty cool base mechanics and nice pixel art & animations

played it to the end. happy 2019.

ahhh... looks very beautiful & stylish


cool game.

beautiful aesthetics

The mac build is using a WINE wrapper that Apple broke in High Sierra I think. I'll have to update it.

Thanks :)

controls? where's the gun? how do I shoot?

looks good. excellent bodega setting.

Best Town.

press shift

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The finished release will be better than what I could have presented in 7 days. It's a special little game I think, and I hope people like it when it's out!

I'm posting updates to Twitter and the itchio Devlog, for anyone who is interested!

pretty good stuff. I appreciated the blood particle effects

Crashes on launch with "EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid)"

Can you build a version without code signing? Even in the latest macOs (High Sierra), you can run unsigned apps if you change the settings in GateKeeper. That's how I release all my mac builds still.

I bet the Windows version might work through Wineskin's .app wrapper too, which might be easy too..

Please please bring this to Mac as well <3

this looks great.

Mac demo? (looks cool!)

A++. Needs moody BGM or 8-bit wind howling samples

very charming little game.

those are some nicely modeled and rendered donuts.

Effing cool. You've captured it, and with PICO8. I'm impressed.

Really cool.