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nice production

nice looking 3d platformer. looking forward to more

what an amazing project. I never would have thought someone would build such a tool — a WYSIWYG game editor tool that spits out game boy roms!

very cool. seems incredibly useful for generating novel ‘8-bit’-styled effects

great style & movement mechanics

a classic.

love the style

looks cool

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very very good production. it’s well designed, fun, atmospheric, and challenging. looking forward to your future work.

cool game. found it watching through the playlist of every IGF 2020 entry on YouTube. Good luck!

on the contrary. it's in active development :)

I just haven't posted any updates in awhile. There is a twitter account for it

Pretty cool base mechanics and nice pixel art & animations

played it to the end. happy 2019.

ahhh... looks very beautiful & stylish


cool game.

beautiful aesthetics

The mac build is using a WINE wrapper that Apple broke in High Sierra I think. I'll have to update it.

Thanks :)

controls? where's the gun? how do I shoot?

looks good. excellent bodega setting.

Best Town.

press shift

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The finished release will be better than what I could have presented in 7 days. It's a special little game I think, and I hope people like it when it's out!

I'm posting updates to Twitter and the itchio Devlog, for anyone who is interested!

pretty good stuff. I appreciated the blood particle effects

Crashes on launch with "EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid)"

Can you build a version without code signing? Even in the latest macOs (High Sierra), you can run unsigned apps if you change the settings in GateKeeper. That's how I release all my mac builds still.

I bet the Windows version might work through Wineskin's .app wrapper too, which might be easy too..

Please please bring this to Mac as well <3

this looks great.

Mac demo? (looks cool!)

A++. Needs moody BGM or 8-bit wind howling samples

very charming little game.

those are some nicely modeled and rendered donuts.

Effing cool. You've captured it, and with PICO8. I'm impressed.

Really cool.