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cool style

great concept. fun!

cool style. reminds me of experimental arcade games from the golden age of indies 2007-2012 or so! very nice to see a ClickTeam Fusion game with a unique look!

neat. got stuck on the level with 3 long bars. This is probably the first level where you actually have to think, haha :)

It’s not released yet :)

Lovely work. enjoyed these games very much.

Been following you a long time on Twitter. Now I get to click follow on itch. Cool game!

pretty fun!

excellent style.

nice atmosphere


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Great game. The movement and combat feel fantastic. Love the environment style and atmospheric instrumental dream-hop music.

If I were to give it any critique, it would be to gate off some areas until enemies died, or maybe give the enemies less HP, as I finally beat it by mostly ignoring the combat and speedrunning to the end. But the care put into the movement–double jump, dash, etc feels great. I can tell equal care went into the combat, so making it more necessary, or slightly faster would be good.

I would love to see a commercial project from you! Great game! A rare treat. I loved it.

this is just super lovely. I love the style!


good colors

This is cool. :)

Cool idea & nice execution


enjoying my playthrough—congrats on the release!

Very impressed with this game. Good luck with the full release!

Yes — a foundational work.

Very fun and cool. 1 week? Well done!

fun and tactical

Love this game more than words can express, always and forever. ART.

charming style & music! came here from Warp Door!


like the lowpoly desert ambiance!

faithful to the 90s PSX 3d platformer style. congrats on the release!

clever game.

i like ’em. good character




good game

neat. cool music


We are continuing to work on it :) — a lot of changes & new stuff since the version shown here

cool look. I like the integration of video clips, interstitials, and the overall cinematic presentation. also a fan of switching from a third person follow cam to various fixed camera angles. good atmospheric sound, good moods. well done

cool project. love the art

Nice CRT and VHS effects. Environment is pleasant and fun to explore.