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neat. cool music


We are continuing to work on it :) — a lot of changes & new stuff since the version shown here

cool look. I like the integration of video clips, interstitials, and the overall cinematic presentation. also a fan of switching from a third person follow cam to various fixed camera angles. good atmospheric sound, good moods. well done

cool project. love the art

Nice CRT and VHS effects. Environment is pleasant and fun to explore.


there be glitchy whales here!

lovely! what a cool concept

looks nice!

looks good.

This game is super lovely. At $3.99, everybody who cares about artful games should buy it!

hooray for the Mac build! works great. for anyone in Catalina or Big Sur on MacOS, you might have to right click, and then even maybe go to GateKeeper in System Preferences and click “Open Anyway”, but it does work beautifully. thanks for bringing it to us Apple users :)

really stylish. great work

cool style.

voice acting! :) @thegamecurator brought me

very cute. Warpdoor brought me here :)

first i noticed the font. Is that hershey simplex? then the charm of the hand-tuned glitchy rendering, then the feel of the movement! I’m only 15 seconds in! ooh, now the sound design too. great vibe.

it’s a cute game.

those transitions are great

Feels very polished. Very nice all-around game.

11.21, I like the variety in the different instigators of your destruction

has some cool elements. easy to get into, and i like some of the pixel art & 1970s arthouse rock environment music

cool octopus game

blast from the past! great to be reminded of it again here on

this is super fun and polished. clever to combine 2 jw games for jw’s game jam :)

the little character looks pretty cute

the music for this is absolutely killer

great concept. cute

pretty cool. almost thought it was a QIX crossover at first. can’t decide if that would make it any cooler.

cool style


great style. reminds me kind of Tempest 2000, but more organic.

love the sprites and animation! it’s so cute!

love the style, bros

nice production

nice looking 3d platformer. looking forward to more