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Great atmosphere, sounds and music. Jumpscare got me pretty bad too! :) Although the story itself could be much more developed. Wish you the best! Here's my playthrough (Polish language)

Nicely done! Great atmosphere, good scares and the plot was very interesting :) Here's my playthrough (in Polish) Cheers!

That was an awesome experience! Great pacing, sounds and conclusion! Thank you for creating this game! (playthrough in polish language)
Wow that was pretty good! Great graphics and awesome atmosphere. Would love to play the full game! (playthrough in polish language)

That was great! Nice pacing and sounds. Got scared quite a few times :) (playthrough in polish language)

Haha that's awesome :) Keep up the good work!

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Wow that got me bad! Great graphics too! (playthrough in polish language)

Great pacing and very unexpected ending! (playthrough in polish language)

Great creepy atmosphere and weird style. Love it! (playthrough in polish language)

That was really great! Awesome atmoshpere and sounds! Would love to play the full game like this! (playthrough in polish language)

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The first jumpscare got me really bad! Keep up the good work! (playthrough in polish language)

Funny little horror game, here's my playthrough! Have fun! (polish language)