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it's a good Title, with high replayability

good cut corners, furniture, water life, a good first entry to the series, and plenty of CRAFT options

not to mention all the TREASURE that can be added to any person's World, of course, just like say in MINECRAFT

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic i'm down

Aye, a funky retro-homage, break those blocks and put your initials on a Tree, a hot Title, with wild technology

KUBIKOS community · Created a new topic sweet meat

looks Good, scrap That warehouse 1 day, and throw some CHAIR action in those cubes

I'll Bite, Hot Ronny Johnson (or whoever That Main Character is) ;p

looks Good, could be a RELIC some day, with the right technology

Myether community » Myether General · Created a new topic nice

There You go, buddy boy, i can't remember the other Game like This, "Buster Brown??", but a hot Title, with towering potential, in a non-HEX based Grid

It's a wild One, You've got going on, but seems worth It, who knows what structures can be created underground, with limited LIGHT, if i knew the other Game, i'd say scratch dead tactics, and keep the Main Character holding That Gun

looks good, buddy Boy, a Good Man, making money from a Good, respected Site, always worth It, for The Family

looks like You have updated a few Things since i last checked in, eh? yes, right, buddy Boy? :)

You MIGHT be able to get away with spicing up that block breaking, the Main Characters doesn't look half bad, and some alright TORCH action goin' On

hey looks sick, i'd drop those huts for some straight up CRAFT elements buddy boy, get a couple chairs in There, It's a solid SEED, love the cartoon art work over top of It

another hot Title, buddy boy, thanks for itching It out

hope to see some good levels of platforms, into towering shadows, keep up the good work

hey buddy boy, a good looking Game (You):, have got Here., love The World, looks like You can kind of crack into It, hope to see Taller buildings, too, as well, such as every floor showing the character, and larger towering shadows, something simple