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I found out it's because the file is being downloaded as WEBM on Gelbooru while it's MP4 on Rule34. Is there any work around or solution? (issue is only with videos)


why doesn't webm videos work

I was lying, but if I had to guess it's something to do with the items you can collect.

buy all items

good game but I play for lore so im waiting for more challenging stuff

How do I use collections? Also I've used pack to pack up the images but I can't combine it with another pack which is odd. Also the randomize button doesn't work so I can't randomize the images and stuff. 

He made it sound like he wanted to be the abuser. But I also want to see outside the basement 

For everyone trying to figure out how to beat the next part, it's in the classroom. You'll find a secret passage in there. You can figure the rest out on your own but yeah.

nah thats weird bro

yeah no it aint work

I found out how to get him back alive

go to appdata and locallow then just delete that data thing

uh.. I guess so you could see the "monster"?

Does this use my browser to find the comics? I'm not trying to get caught with anything on my history or anything, does this just uh, like virtual browser type thing?