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If you're not a part of the discord, you should be! Dvoid is active very often and he still provides fairly frequent news updates

I'm sad to say I wasn't able to finish this game. The motion blur made me absolutely sick, so I would advise adding some sort of option to turn that off. The FOV difference between walking and running also made me a bit nauseous, but I could live with it.

Very Fun 8/10

Hey, great job with this little gem.  I've taken a liking to your game, and I realized it had such great potential for speed running.  I have probably played this game more than anybody else (besides you, of course), and let me tell you, I've enjoyed every second of it.  Keep it up! I'll be posting an in-depth glitch/exploit showcase in the near future, so please do keep updated. Please don't be offended by this in any way, I mean to break your game in the most sincere way possible ;)