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Love it!


Good job!

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. The reasons upgrades are limited is because I ran out of upgrades. Also difficulty is determined by upgrade level for some reason. I’ve fixed these issues in the next version which will be uploaded whenever updated files can be updated :)

Wow thanks :)

Good score :)

Thank you :)

Great ideas :D

Thank you :)

Thanks for playing! Sorry, I did not even think about accessibility when making this, I just assumed everyone would have a mouse oops.

Thanks for the feedback. The music code is the most rushed and spaghetti I’ve ever written, I’m suprised it even works lol

Thanks for playing! I’ll have to make enemies scale in health to keep the challenge.

Thanks, play area should definately be larger. I made sure to use this public domain cookie:

Yeah, I agree that the cookie’s too big. Didn’t even think of adding some invincibility, good ideas :)

Alternate Title: Rouge Cookie


Thanks. I ran out of upgrades, so I had to limit them. For some dumb reason, I linked upgrade level to difficulty. Enemies should definately keep scaling!

Yes! More types of cursors, or should I add farms, factories, and other cookie clicker buildings?



Thanks 🍪

I suck at the game so I never reached the end. When my dad played he said the same thing. Definately coming if I work on this more :)

Glad you like it!

Thanks :D

Hehe I love over dramatic music!


Thanks. If I updated this further, should I add other cookie clicker buildings like factories and farms?

Thanks :)

Yeah I’ll need to add more upgrades

Amazing! It perfectly reverses cookie clicker. The sound effects and particles make an idle game fun to play.

Nice! Good variety of enemies and love Unity’s particle system. Needs to keep getting harder over time. You get all the upgrades quickly, and then have nothing to spend gold on. Also, the upgrade text is hard to read when playing.

Windows antivirus won’t let me play :(

I thought my idea was unique lol. I like how it is more than just avoiding the cursor. The stamina and enemies adds extra things to do. Fun!

Needs a score counter. Bug: if you lose, click main menu and play, multiple UI’s appear on top of eachother.

We had the same idea! Haha. My game had the cookie really slow, its fun being fast and dodging! Could use some sound.

Ok. I doubled the viewport size, think its better now!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback. The room size is definately way too small!

Thanks. Yeah the play area was only as large as the image I used as the background lol

Thank you!