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In Ubuntu, will not work in the app, Fortunately, your app image file works from the terminal.

My main wish is that there were more hints. I hoped this game would teach me as much as it tests me.

I am playing Linix version. Very cute. I hope you make V1.2 in Linix as you have for other platforms.

When I download the file using a web browser, I can unzip it and it runs great. Very nice, I like it. I am happy with this. 

However, just FYI, if I try to install it using the Itch app, the app keeps not recognizing the file as a linux program file. It only offers the Windows and Mac versions. I have seen this before. The Itch app seems to expect program files for each operating system to be a certain way. I am sure that is fully documented in the developers section of the Itch website. I have been meaning to look for this info for my own curiosity, but I have not gotten to it yet.

Good luck with your programming endeavors.

Will not run in Ubuntu Linux. Error message says can not find tkinter python library. I installed tkinter on system, but did not help.

Walking is way too slow, and running is on a very short timer. When replaying, this makes the game tedious and not fun. Needs either faster walk or gamesaves. Very nice otherwise. 

Never offers a real second driver. Only offers CPU as second driver. Does this for both Ubuntu and windows.