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The Itch art for this game totally grabbed me.

I loved the following things: menu art, music, and SFX. A complete tonal package.

BUT: although the gameplay was something different than the usual spread, I took issue with the game loop. The way the player snaps around the corner and often dies instantly doesn't feel very rewarding. Expecting the player to replay the entire game through when there aren't any RNG events (or other missions, things to collect, etc.) is quite unsatisfying.

It's a little hard to learn how certain things work in this game. It's a like the player being punished for the sake of it. In other titles this sometimes works but Murder The Reaper doesn't pull it off.

I'll loop back around later to see if the devs make any changes.

Lots of interesting ideas in this!

This game is totally rad. Really original. I always love 3D physics.