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Yes, this was a super sweet game that made my afternoon a lot nicer. I also would have liked a map / quest list (I'm PRETTY sure I've been everywhere but I only just found the light house 20 minutes after beating the game...), but the exploratory aspect was really fun and it was short enough for me to get away with just wandering. God, this really let us live out the beautiful fantasy of paying off someone's college tuition, huh

Thanks so much!

I installed the game and messed around with the basic controls to see if my way would work (since I don't have a left/right mouse button). It doesn't. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but it still remembers my bad control setup and won't go back to the default. Is there a way to fix this?

Well if this isn't just the CUTEST thing!

I could tell this wasn't made by a girl (or at least the art wasn't made by a lesbian, I promise!) but this straddled the line between cute and hot. I didn't mind spamming the same kiss over and over--I really appreciated how you couldn't mess up and lose the game (except possibly at the end?), you could only win it more quickly. Low stakes made this less stressful and was just a goofy makeout game. 

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Yes! In real life I am bad at dating sites (I never respond to messages!), but I chose the goofy sex ones here because I figured my character might want a one-night hookup. I haven't hit any flirty dialogue options so far... I don't think the character wants to be on Tinder in the first place. Which is fine! But surprising. 

Edit -- Not to knock on the programmers of this free game. I like the art style!

This looks cool! Unfortunately unplayable for me, since I have a Macbook and the normal method of "right clicking" (control+left click) doesn't work. Neat though, thanks!

I played this all the way through last night and I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. I was on ambien the whole time tho