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haha! Sorry not sorry 🤣

Thanks! I think it's the browser build of GBStudio games that I used for this version. Glad people have worked it out @D

thanks :D


Nice work! Nice work! Love the user interface especially. Is there a way to access more granularity in the settings to get quicker or more precise envelopes for example?

Thanks so much for your kind words! 

Thanks so much for your comment! The Miyoo looks so much fun. My Anbernic RG350 is still going strong, but I'm tempted by the newer tiny consoles that are coming out. 

Thanks for playing! Lunch breaks are precious.

Nice one, Guv! 'Appy to oblige!

Just open it in your browser on your phone. It should work in most browsers.

Shh! Don't tell people there's a lot to do in this town! They'll arrive en mass with their avocado toast, and vanilla lattes and before you know it they'll have gentrified the shit out of the place! 

...glad you enjoyed the game tho! :D 

Thanks! I'll be totally honest, I didn't "get" solo TTRPGs when I first saw them, but tried a few out and now I love them! If you like this I'd recommend Takuma's other work, and also Apothecaria and Delve by Anna Blackwell.

Hey! I'd love to hear what you think of this port. Please leave a comment :D 

Incredible art. amazing work

Incredibly creative use of GB Studio! I use a self made Oblique Strategies deck AND GAME BOYS  in my creative process, so this is like the perfect intersection for me. 

Sorry for traumatising y'all! It made you feel emotions, tho, right?

NOPE. Nothing at all to do 🤣. Thanks for your comments. Big love!!

Thanks for trying again, not sure what this could be, sorry. 

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried on Chrome? Or if you're talking about the ROM, try a different emulator?

Thanks so much! :D 


glad you enjoyed!! :) 

My entry to the jam, you can find it over at

This sounds so cool! No idea what I can contribute, but will attempt. What format / resolution does your printer take?

Sorry to hear that - it should fade out automatically back into the main map. Is anyone else having this issue? If so I can check it out?

hi! Thanks for your comments. I was trying to recreate the feeling of “dropper” maps from Minecraft, so the limited movement and speed of fall are intentional. But I can see how what you’re describing could be a fun albeit very different game. 

frustrating is what we aim for! :D

Thanks! :D 

I've met so many great people in the comments section from my last game, so I'd love to hear from you. What do you think of the game? How many times did you die before you made it to the end?

I can't believe this has now hit over 1,000 downloads! Thanks to everyone that has played, shared and donated. :D :D :D 


No idea, sorry. I use Chrome.

thanks so much!!

uh... you can download it. There's button right there. It says "Download Now".

This was so much fun. I managed 70 cats! Thanks for uploading :D

This is the review I was hoping for. :)

thanks for the encouragement! 


you should be able to use the arrow keys in most browsers, or the d-pad if you’re using a mobile device or gameboy.