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We continued out play-through, great game, a few too many 'errands' in chapter 3 but we're still enjoying it :)

Part two of the full play-through, loving it so far, very weird and I dig it :D

Started a play-through of the full game, love it so far!!

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Just completed chapter 2! Loving the game, some very 'out-there' puzzles but I'm fine with that  :) 

Love this game! Gonna play the whole thing 😁

Loved it guys!

I've made a let's play of this, can't wait to play the full game :D 

Oh I didn't realise haha, I'll finish it soon 😁 Its a fun game, well done 🙂

I intend to play through the whole game, let me know what you think :D

My Let's Play of it, seems like a fun game and I'll probably finish it at some point :D Good Job guys :)

I've just played this for my channel, I'll upload it when it's done :D I was very bad at it and got nowhere near the end lol

Thank you! And I made a bit of a hash of the lets play video so probably didn't quite do it justice Haha But I will do a full play-through as soon as the full game goes live, it looks like it's going to be a great game!

Looking like this is gonna be a great game!

Loved this game, played it on my channel :D 

Great game, a pooped my pants :D