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I put up another short for this game. This one is probably the funniest one i've done. XD. Better if you're an Austin Powers fan. 

One of the many funny shorts made for this game 

This game was very fun. Funny as can be. I added some time stamps to the video for the funny bits. 

This is one of many shorts I made for the game <3  

Absolutely loved playing this game. made some funny scenes and now in the motion of making shorts.  

Captain Willie is scary. Oh lord.  Loved this game!  

Had a lot of fun with this.  Thing reminds me of the dude from Smiling Friends. XD  

Very scary.  Best part of the game? Driving. :D  

Here's the full video of the game. I did a bit of personal VA for the narration cause I thought it would sound awesome. Hope you like it! 

Loved this game. I have a video going up in a few hours for this. Wanted to say amazing work yet again. <3

I had a lot of fun playing this game.  There is one part where I got stuck by a bug later on in the game. Either way I enjoyed this very much! Well done!

Here I thought, I was part of The Thing! 

Love the idea of it.  Totally different and a version of Mario that I would assume: to be like his own personal nightmare.  His greatest foe being himself.  

Another amazing game as always. Hope you enjoy this particular video David!  And I hope your weekend goes well bud!  

This game was amazing.  Loved how the story kept progressing with each window you went to.

Here's a nice little short.  Toad can kiss it.  

I had that issue. Hold down left shift to run faster. 

Amazing, simply amazing.  Full gameplay,  funny commentary and wacky comebacks. 

Here's the full video from this morning's short!  

I'm doing a REDONE SERIES with some good Indie games. This is one of them. Here's a short to start off while the full video comes out later today! <3 

Just finished this game not too long ago and loved it entirely. 

(I put a disclaimer about flashing lights for those that are prone to such things. )

He seems like a nice fellow. 


He laughs scarily

Here is one more short from my playthrough of this game.  

This game reminds me of another game with a spooky gas station and an alien like creature.  Love it!!  

Loved this game, the idea is amazing and the fact that there are multiple endings make this replayable.  Wonderful work! 

The Don requests the ability to CROUCH. -Joking- :)  Little trailer short for the full video. It'll be out later today.  

This is the final part of the series.  The ending had me almost crying and questioning.  The game was awesome, loved every second of it. 

Here's part 2 of the story!  Still loving this game so much! 

Definitely enjoyed this game more than I should have. I made shorts and sent them here earlier in time . Now, here's the full video! :D.  Hope you all enjoy it.  

Incoming short from the video I did of this game!  Featuring Vector. And funnies. 

Here I thought he was an SCP.  Loved this game! 

Loved this short game. Got a full video and a couple shorts out of it!  

Episode 1 of three up for this game. Due to it being long, had to cut it into 3 videos.  Loved the game and the story it presented.  

This one already had me wearing my brown pants at the beginning.  Ted needs to chill though. XD

And this evening's funny short, toilets and couches! 

Man, this lady must got some peg leg toes or something.  

I made a couple shorts of this game recently.  Now, I got the full video for you.  The thumbnail is a bit rushed due to just waking up and needing to head to work. But, it'll do. Don Approves. :) 

These are the best times..  The family <3