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Oooooooooooh noooooooooooo! You really wrote "(some of which are good)"?

... For your concern, didn't you ask yourself what can happen if a player read that only SOME of the levels are GOOD? You see what I mean? He will automatically think that 95% of the levels are bad...

What do you want the player to expect from your game? Don't miss that each time you upload a game and have to write a convincing text.

Take care.

Hi, Mr. Sirotta!

I didin't play your game yet, but I listened to your soundtracks with care. Here's my critic.

 Your MIDI instrument'ssoundtracks spread holes of "there's something that could be added to make it less empty". But... there are great times like in the third and sixth soundtracks The bad times can be improved with the long-lasting lead notes of the seventh soundtrack. The eight one is almost perfect: just make sure it's different sections are not too much "looped". The last one has the greatest ambiance, but is the most loopy of them all. 

Off course, I consider that if you tell me the repetition is part of the effect you wanted while people play the game, I'll understand you want it upsetting, but I'm also sure you want it harsh, but enjoyable. Music for video games can be awesome and I insure you I don't doubt about your creativity. I hope my comment build something better for your next soundtracks of any other new project.

Room n°167 community · Created a new topic My critic.

A circular story is rare since most of people awaits a linear story. It means you start a revolution in the way to do visual novels. One thumb up.

Before digging further, things are good with most of the story intrigue. also, each transition between parts of the story flows perfectly. Even grammar is irreprochable. One thumb + three thumbs up (don't mind about the hyperbole I do on the expression "Thumbs up". Just think that one good point + three good points = excellent).

The only thing I can't put my finger on is the changes of place and their fuzzy link in the intrigue. Of course, confusion leads to interpretation, so the reader can fill the holes with his own imagination. I want you to be honest : did you really wanted that, or did you think the readers could take it all without any interpretation? Just keep in mind my question isn't an opportunity to blast you : I need answers to make a complete critic on your work.

I'll wait your answer. Sincerely,


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---edited out large error report ---

It worked!... But Avast! antivirus thinks it's a virus, so I'll wait your explanations about that. I hope I'm the first to alert it to you, because it would be odd otherwise.

"when not logged in". Maybe this is why... I'll try that.

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Hi! I'm wondering why now the game turned into demo version if there's no sight of the full version, nor the pay option. thanks!

Well, I can make grammar mistakes when I write, but I'm not from those who publish a visual novel with grammar mistakes. More than that, I'm not your "bro" (brother).

I agree to those grammar mistakes, but I don't have help yet! XD

As a good reader, I noticed so many grammar mistakes in that visual novel. I'm wondering why I should continue reading with those pesky grammar mistakes. If you really need help for that, don't wait for replies : it's a question of "professionalism".

Since I went trough the physics of some wall and fell on the bottom of the world's unseen physics, my character is stucked. I reseted the game many times afterwards, but the game camera is stucked far away from my character. How can I re-initialize both the character and the camera's position?

I want to lower it.

My screen resolution is 1366 x 768, and your initial resolution (so-called "1280 x 720") is too large for my screen. Can you dig it?

On my side, I can't dig it : small isn't bigger than big.

But... your "small" one is bigger than my "big" one. I don't understand why you don't understand. Why I can't reach all the options of the menu with a resolution of 1366 x 768 if the game's initial resolution is 1280 x 720? I hope you can find out something.

I guess wishing you a great day.

- A Customer -

... Why the screen resolution is already setted so high? I even can't reach any resolution choice on the screen resolution menu.