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No probs! "pendant" is a noun. "pendent" is an adjective. As far as I recall the context of its use was that an adventuring party had stolen a "pendent". So it looked to me like it should have been the noun "pendant" instead.

Love the game! Thanks for all your hard work.

Found a couple of typos. Apologies, I can't remember exactly where but maybe you can run a search for them?

  • indisutries
  • overwealm
  • javellin
  • pendent

Hi Julian, thanks for your reply. Ah ok, that makes sense then. Phew!
btw I checked my installation and the scripts/areas/events/carcassia_a2a.lua file is indeed not present. Is this important?

Hi Julian, I'm enjoying exploring Shadow of the Wyrm. Many thanks for making it!

Quick question... whenever my character dies and I'm asked if I want to save it for posterity (it's something like that, I can't remember the exact phrase sorry) the game then quits to the desktop. Is this intentional? I checked the logs and they all have similar messages as below:

2023-May-25 16:24:18    ScriptEngine::log_error - Error in execution: cannot open scripts/areas/events/carcassia_a2a.lua: No such file or directory
2023-May-25 16:24:18    MapScript::execute - did not run Lua function due to script failure: areas/events/carcassia_a2a.lua

Does that shed any light on the possible issue?

Best wishes!

Hi there, I love this tileset. Many thanks for making it!

Thought you might want to know that, as far as I can see, the content description on this page above (12 characters, 15 enemy) seems to be incorrect.

I count 11 characters and 14 enemy on the titlesheet. Is there some missing or was it a typo?

Best wishes!

Hi... FYI the last image on this page has a typo. It should be "degradation". All the best with your game!

There's a blank card, but no card with joker art.

Ok no worries. Thanks for your reply.

I love this tile set. Am I right in thinking it's pointy-top only? That is, it can't be used in flat-top mode?

Many thanks.

My antivirus program reported a Generic ML PUA in the Windows setup file. Not a great start.