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Hello, all translations (except English'/Polish) are done by community users. First, I would thank you all for this great work.

If you wish to help with translation/check translation progress, you can do it here:

Localizor Page <-- Click here for translation

You can vote up for good translations, vote down for bad translations, suggest your translations. Please don't use automatic translation tools. If you are not good at translation, you don't need to do it.  Be sure to read the Documentation page on Yerba Mate Tycoon Localizor Page.

I know that translation can take a lot of time. In the past, I was helping with one steam game (translating English --> Polish) as a hobby. No need to rush, no need to overwork.

If you wish to ask if xx language is available on the game, it all depends on the community, and as I wrote before, you can check each language progress on the Localizor page.

I think it's fixed, try downloading the new game version :-}


Thank a lot for this report.

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What system? Any Antivirus?

Maybe the files got corrupted (during download). Can you try downloading the files again? And check it out again?

Do you have Steam installed on you PC?

Yerba Mate Tycoon community · Created a new topic Guide
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 The normal guide will come in the future. Right now it's more like "Tech demo" than game, it might last "few minutes" of gameplay :-}  But doing the alpha tests, will speed up my progress :-} I'm a bit ashamed of the game status.

How do we gain cash?

We are gaining cash by creating yerba mate (click on the shopkeeper, then the yerba creation panel will open). In the panel, we can set various stats.  And we can also do contracts (by clicking on the shopkeeper).

Workers/Main Character

We got four worker types:

Researcher --> Help in Research, more workers = faster research.

Normal Worker --> Help in Yerba Creation

Marketer --> Help in marketing.

Leader --> Main character, work in all areas (Research, Normal Worker, Marketer).


When creating yerba mate, after release, we got the "heart" icon with a number. If we click it, we can start marketing (marketing speed depends on the marketers). More marketing = more sales (but it's not always worth it).

Reporting bugs

Menu --> Options --> Scroll to bottom --> Report Bug, or you can post it on the forum, same with ideas :-}


Will come in the future, right now only Windows, sorry, but extra platforms = extra time

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New changelogs can be found at this link: Changelog

0.17 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 13.06.2021

  • Hired worker's salaries will now rise (all is done automatically).
  • Worker trait with salary raise is now working.
  • Added new worker trait "Loyal" (worker will be less likely to leave the company).
  • Changed "happy" trait, now worker mood is falling slower, but worker can be unhappy :-} 

0.162 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 11.06.2021

  • Workers with low moods will now leave your company.
  • Worker's training is now locked by default (needs to be researched).
  • Tons of improvements to tooltips
  • Bug fixes.

0.161 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 09.06.2021

  • Tons of improvements to sales charts, I had added information about total earnings (so we can see, if we lose or gain cash), when we hover bar we can now see monthly sales + I add text about how many months in sales your yerba is + other things.
  • Bug fixes.

0.16 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 07.06.2021

  • Exp gained from yerba creation is now based on the rate + yerba quality (before, it was the only rate).
  • Added option for upgrading enemy companies (if we own 100% shares)
  • Company level now affects shares earnings.
  • Added option for settings yerba stats % focus by clicking the % text (input field).
  • In not set text (yerba creation) game is now showing the actual % of stats set.
  • Bug Fixes.

0.153 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 05.06.2021

  • Added tons of new tooltips
  • Bug fixes

0.152 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 04.06.2021

  • Added Uranium Additive event + we need to unlock uranium (now it's locked by default)
  • Tons of bug fixes :D

0.151 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 29.05.2021

  • Yerba rates now count workers on training/vacations, etc. (it could cause a dumb situation).
  • Now we need to unlock better loans (they are locked, we need to research them). 
  • Added tons of new tooltips + Loan tooltip update.
  • Hovering worker mood icon will now show us % of worker happiness.

0.15 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 27.05.2021

  • Added Global Random Events
  • Added Awards Ceremony
  • Added workers' skills impact on the yerba mate rate.
  • Tons of bug fixe. PS: Thanks, Jennyverse, for fixing typos in English translation :-}

0.146 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 21.05.2021

  • Added random yerba creation events (hype/quality/progress - lose or gain).
  • Added yerba creation cost at the top of yerba creation panel
  • Contracts are now available for longer
  • Translations update
  • Improvements to generating worker names/companies names in different languages
  • Bug Fixes.

0.145 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 20.05.2021

  • Added shortcuts for main game buttons
  • When we hover on a contract indicator, now it shows a number of contracts
  • Bug fixes

0.144 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 19.05.2021

  • Added game Tutorial
  • Added tooltips to buttons (when we hover them, main buttons).
  • Tons of bug fixes

0.143 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 16.05.2021

  • Package quality is now giving bonuses, etc. I also added a rating system of package quality, so if we make premium yerba with a low-quality package, we will get a lowered rate.
  • Yerba quality is now giving bonuses, etc., + it's affecting yerba price.

0.142 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 14.05.2021

  • Yerba popularity (country stat) can now rise (it's based on yerba sales).
  • System packages types redo, right now, it is giving extra sales + it will raise creation cost. Except for it, We need to unlock other packages types. The default package is now 500g (before it was 50g).
  • Balance: Lowered sales number for low rate yerba mate.

0.141 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 13.05.2021

  • Added The workers' training system, yep, took me a bit of time.
  • Bug Fixes :-}

0.14 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 11.05.2021

  • Tons of bug fixes to Workers System
  • improvements to contracts generation

0.139 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 10.05.2021

  • Added an option for selecting all workers in workers panel. We can now see a number of selected workers + each worker number type. There is also a training button, but I'm still working on that feature
  • Update of
  • bug fixes :D

0.138 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 7.05.2021

  • Added mass workers dismiss

0.137 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 6.05.2021

  • Yerba focus % (additives) now have an impact on the yerba mate rate.
  • Quality max value now got a small "Random" value.
  • Chosen Countries are raising yerba creation time.
  • After creating yerba mate, the yerba creation scrollbar will scroll to the top.
  • First, yerba mates will be created faster.

0.136 (Closed Alpha --> Discord + Google Form) - 5.05.2021

- Now, we can close the "small information" panel with a left mouse click

- Added information about sliders sum != 100% (yerba creation)

- Now, workers gained experience is based on the yerba rate.

- Added information about slider's importance (yerba creation, with yerba creation, we are unlocking it).

- Bug fixes, + I added new bugs.

0.135 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 4.05.2021

  • Added new bugs
  • Added Contracts System
  • Tons of bug fixes ;-}

0.133 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 1.05.2021

- After each yebra creation, the package appearance + additives + name will reset.

- Fixed bug with Sales charts (name of yerba)

0.132 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 1.05.2021

- Fixed bug with double "%" on research

- Fixed bug with sales charts with opened UI.

- Fixed bug with scrolling sales panel (hype was not always visible)

^^ Thanks @Leśnik :-}

- Tons of other bug fixes

0.131 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 29.04.2021

- BugFix: Fixed bug with additive repeat, thanks @fajny człowiek :-}

- Some other small changes, preparing for "Contracts" system

0.13 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 28.04.2021

- Price system is now working, + we are now getting information about price in the yerba review. Very low price = more sales = more fans, but this also means lower earnings, of course; too high-priced yerba will lower sales too.

- Added Quality Assurance. After yerba is 100% done, we can release it or progress with Quality Assurance %. 100% QA gives us a small rate bonus + if we release yerba without QA, we are risking about sales "incident."

- Main game buttons will be disabled on a final product made effects

- Click outside on the information panel will now wait for some time before activating (so we won't close it accidentally).

- Bugfix: Fixed bug with price tooltip

- Bugfix: Fixed bug with double - on created yerba list (income).

- Balance: Lowered yerba sales

0.128 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 26.04.2021

- Yerba In Sale will now be losing hype.

- Countries now give extra sales (before this feature was not working).

- Balance: Changed country distribution costs

- Balance: Added a bit of "Random" sales into fans system.

- Balance: Lowered gained fans

- Balance: Lowered sales of low rate yerba mates

0.127 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 25.04.2021

- Workers with each finished yerba are now gaining skill experience (in the future, it will be adjusted, bigger yerba = bigger experience).

- Bugfix: Fixed bug with multiplying yerba creation price

Thanks a lot, @SSKW

0.126 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 25.04.2021

- Marketer workers now have lowered speed (when working on multiple projects).

- Balance: Fans gain will now be lowered in far sales months

- Bugfix: Fixed bug with not gaining fans.

- Bugfix: Fixed bug with selecting "none" as 2nd additive.

- Bugfix: Fixed time pass on the Rate panel

Thanks a lot, @SSKW and @ttuho

0.125 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 25.04.2021

- Improvements to the credits panel

- Bugfix: Fixed error with game save after game has been closed.

0.124 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 24.04.2021

- When Hovering additives (yerba creation), except the additive name, we will now get info if additive is popular/ was used before.

- Bugfix: Popular additive shader was not working.

- Bugfix: In some cases, the game start/main GUI could open in the wrong situations.

0.123 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 24.04.2021

- If we hover on the country (yerba creation), it will now show us the country name.

- Minimal/max yerba price text is now changing (based on the available price).

- Bug Fix: Yerba creation price country multiplier won't work on the chosen country (start)

- Bugfix: In some cases, when we got Steam launched, the game could crash (on the start).

- Bug Fix: in some cases, we couldn't create yerba mate with cash on minus

0.122 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 23.04.2021

- Added information when yerba is removed from sales.

- Balance: Changed prices for marketing + given hype, required time.

- Balance: Changed unlock time of automatic orb click + changed price + time needed for marketing research

- Fixed bug with info about loading from an old version (it didn't save the last version)

- Fixed bug with not appearing small information panel + display change of it.

0.121 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 23.04.2021

- Fixed bug with Steam API on non-Steam platforms.

0.12 (Closed Alpha --> Discord) - 23.04.2021

- Bug Fixes + I had added new bugs

- Improvements to the fans system.

- Changed collider of the main character (buttons)

- If we clicked the yerba history button and got no yerba mate released, we will get information about the empty created yerba mates list.

- If we got other panels open, the main buttons will now be hidden.

- Improvements for opening panels.

- On the research button, we will see % of research progress.

- History of made yerba: won't show yerba mate, which is in creation.

- If we click the "Hire" button in workers panels, and we didn't search for workers, we will get information about searching for workers first.

- Translations update.

- We can now create yerba mate, even if we got minus cash.

- Added short information about game start.

- Improvements to the information panel.

- Improvements to the created yerba mate panel.

Sorry, not in plans