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Don Kay

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Raft community · Created a new topic Game Maxed

My raft is now self sufficient, so much Shark meat they're not even interesting anymore. The potential for tweaking the current game play without major upgrades needs to be considered. My suggestions would be to look ahead for Halloween. Some mythological teachings in the Central American world believe that the first devastating life destroying flood was actually behind the creation of Halloween. The idea of so many dead bodies outside the ark struck dread and great lament inside. The unwritten stories that transpired from that great calamity developed into making a day that would be pay tribute to those dead yet fear that same wrath of God in the form of dressing up in Skeletons. What if The RAFT game played out a script that would cause the radio to pick up phantom rigs with hundreds of moving blips surrounding it while the closer you got to it the thicker the fog would become until that fog becomes moving images. No color just shadow fog effects to portray spirits or ghosts struggling for air like our avatar does reaching for the surface prior to death.  When the phantom rig is reached, the sea is suddenly clear, flat and silent until the stroke of midnight or the last second of Halloween...your raft is dead still and yet there is no rig found. You entered what is known to sailors as the doldrums.  

A flood of destruction is an epic final event.