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Finally played it, and it was oh so great.

Mind, I'm not from USA so most of the references and cliches are lost for me because (usa bitchy voice) it' sooooooo americaunnn.

I mean, moody assholes doing mass shootings only happen there, so I was more than happy to get Dorian electrocuted as much as I can, as many times as I can.

great music, great style, sold my soul, OF COURSE, but missed opportunity to get a gay sex scene between Dorian and Chad. 

¡Looking forward for you next project! ¡Gracias!

I see a lot of mistakes just in this page. Like 5 or 7.

Creo que debes mejorar tu español antes de traducir cómics.

I'm learning some of the basics of audio, for my own job and for personal projects.

Most of the 'commercial' software I've used isn't as clear and readable in what it makes and how it behaves as your free tool.  The generators are great, the visual feedback on what you're doing is great, the mutate button is just so great...

I can only compare how delightful it is to use to the sound module in Dreams (the Playstation creation game). 

Llegué por la música.

Me quedé por el estilo. El mundo necesita más juegos como éste.

WOW, is this cool.

Now I want to try this for adapting some sketches I have around.

You can get this look with other softs, right, but this is quick and easy to use.

If you're going to add anything else, I'd recommend a circle - square - vector tool to get bigger surfaces painted quicker.

Please, developers across the world, but specially english-speaking, as they are the main offenders here: consider using only letters and numbers for your shortcuts. 

Many keyboards don't have a dedicated key for the fancy glyph or punctuation sign you want or it's mapped anywhere else. In my case, + and - are mapped somewhere else and I can't use them (¿not even using the numpad?). I don't even know what to type to get the ~ (Which I had to copypaste to show it).

So, basically, I can't interact with the game. That's a lot of effort from a creator I love and respect going nowhere because of a single key binding.