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Stand Name - Blue Steel

Namesake - Blue Magic

Power - A

Speed - A

Range - B

Durability - A

Precision - A

Development Potential - A

Blue Steel is a Humanoid Stand that is a little stronger than star platinum throughout all of his stages, you have to have worthiness at least of 10, his features are his gloves with five stars on its knuckles, his long puffy hair, his boots 

Stand Cry : BoraoraoraoraoraoraoraBORA!!

At Requiem Blue Steel all of his stand stats go up by one

StandsAbility: Time Stop, Reverse Time , Foresight

StandsUser: Jovan Kujo

Color Schemes: Blue Based, Yellow Based, Purple Based, White based, Red Based and Green Based

Over Heaven : Stats go up by 3

Under Hell : Stats go up by 5

In The Sun : Stats go up by 10

Around the Moon : Stats go up by 50

Jovan Kujo: Bias: He is very intelligent, he's well fit muscular, stand is a bit more muscular than he is