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good game, but it lags much on my computer because my computer is tras

this is a messed up  cool idea

I have never seen such beauty before, this is probably the best game ever, by playing this i have ascended.

If i have a save and i update the game is it possible to somehow import the old save to the new version?

Good observation, Mr. Obvious.


It's a zip file, extract it.

Really enjoy it but cant get past level 4.

Also i cant use ultimate because clicking the middle mouse button turns on some kind of weird scrolling on my browser.

Got 535 points.

When you are so bored you figure out how to zoom in on the math.

To save a world between computers and websites you have to use "export" and then on the other computer or website use "import" and select the correct save file. (Sorry if it seems complicated, i am bad at explaining things).

no problem

Oh ok. I was wondering about them because they were in the kongregate wiki page for the final earth 2. Now i remembered that there was also a board game shop in  that page, is it also scrapped, or will it be added?

can you say how much it will cost

Will the steam version be free or paid?

pretty cool!

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to subscribe to the mail you have to:

1. go into the menu.

2. Click the letter icon.

3. it should be simple from here.

You get a secret code just from subscribing to the mail

A good game! I continueed after getting a diamond to get the final pickaxe.

A really good but short game, i enjoyed cooking. It needs a sandbox mode.

Activate your windows god dammit.

any hints on how to get the cocoa farm and chocolate factory?

Is Hackers of the Bolt HQ an actual building? If it is, then any hints on how to get that?

The secret society?

the what

i have a idea, and since i already started this comment thread, i will say it here. Maybe add a sandbox mode. Where you will have infinite resources (food isnt infinite) and all buildings instantly unlocked?

i would be interested!

I am bad at stage 3

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Ok that's good because i am very close to getting the machine on it.

Edit: Got it!

Ok. Will the exporting work for the full game when it releases on steam? I have a big city i dont wanna lose

that is impressive

Does this game save with the account? If i change computers and log onto my account will my save files still be there?

Ok, thanks for the answers

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i hate that you cant move

But it's fun

edit: how to craft a sword, i have tried mostly everything and cant figure it out

edit 2: this game really needs a recipe book that shows you the recipes that you already have

This is pretty fun

very good game, but please add saving

Will you continue this game?

the game wont load when i press "Restore game"

A cool puzzle game, also educational

To have no purpose

No only the browser one

Wow, this is a amazing game. It loads for a extremely long time and can sometimes lag (but thats rare), can you fix that? Or is it my computer?