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A cool puzzle game, also educational

To have no purpose

No only the browser one

Wow, this is a amazing game. It loads for a extremely long time and can sometimes lag (but thats rare), can you fix that? Or is it my computer?

i can do what he described on a regular qwerty keyboard

you dont need to buy it, the game itself is free, but you can donate to the developer

Wow, you make amazing things with Bitsy

The end completely blew my mind because i was wondering why the person that takes notes is literally invincible

tips for extended: Go for the research win, focus on getting mana and the potion factory, use potions of light whenever you can

I loved this game! I completed the main game and have now started a free play world, thank you for making this game.

Needs a restart button, but it's a good game.

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wow this is amazing

the game is also harder than the original

i died almost instantly when i had 2 characters

this is a cool game

wow, the last level is really hard, but i love this game

I thought at the end if i would press it would kill the talking dud

Miseed opportunity

is this what god looks like

"In a game where the creators are taking advantage of a serious real world issue for their own gain,while contributing nothing to help and expressing no actual concern for the problem at hand."

is making a game to share awareness of the problem not helping? And how does he even gain from this,its free (excuse my english its not my first language)

this is a amazing game    and i suck at it     also the beginning gave me a delta rune vibe

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Its just super good,  but it doesnt save

its not a copy of   its a inspired game        and also it doesnt start slow