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I agree with the simplicity of the game, I did not spend enough time on it and it could've been better. I probably spent 5-8 hours on it and it wasn't my best work. Hazards would've been a great addition.

Thanks! This is actually my first ever playdate game and I am happy with how it turned out thanks for the rating!

Sorta it's not when I click outside the window but when the window pushes me when I'm touching the wall. Then yea one key moves forever until I click and unclick it.

I got 87 bosses but this is insane, does the game get more difficult the longer it goes? When I died I had gotten lazy and had enough money for a heal I just didn't pay attention.

3591 coins collected, 2180 seconds, 46927 bullets fired, 790 enemies killed, and 87 bosses.

Is getting stuck to the side a feature or a bug? Is it a black hole or weird wall physics?

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Game is sick I'm suprised how much you did with this simple concept.

A autocomplete feature would be nice after you solve all of the puzzle part since the playdate is so slow to move cards in.

Game is buggy, it kills me when I still have moves other than that its good.

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This game is super cool, a extremely polished game that is just a nice simple distraction. My record is 60.

literally the best game on the playdate, it is a very difficult game where every mistake is on you, my first attempt I beat the game with 300+ deaths and now I am at two, soon I will reach 0 and begin speedrunning, better than every season one game on the playdate.

literally why

great game one of the better playdate games out there if you are thinking about picking it up I definitely would recommend it.

yes I am thank you I will look for it later, my biggest grip with the playdate is that the one bit screen kind of kills readability for sprits and makes it much more difficult to make unique areas like in hollow knight, color improves gameplay not just the look of games imo. 

I feel like I’m missing something is there a tool to break trees? I can’t get to a key or lots of places.

It was a lot of fun good art and game juice can make even memory really fun well done!

I simply can't play a game without wasd sorry :/

thank you and yes I will not use the same high score system next time. :)

Well done I just find that the ammo packs don't really give you enough ammo and it's really not enough up to skill whether your able to get more ammo and take out an enemy. Still a good game though and obviously if it wasn't a jam you'd be able to play test more and would've discovered this issue 8/10 :)

Played and rated :)

Already played yours and rated on the first day.

Just played your game and all I have to say is check the leader boards and you are a incredible dev.

LOVE IT. If you check the scoreboard you'll see that I am the king.

This game is extremely well done. If you check the leader boards well... You can see I'm the world champ by a lot really well done you should be very happy with your game design skills this is single handedly the most unique game in the entire jam. 10/10.

Quite the challenge how many more do you have lol?

Yea and I rated yours 2 days ago...

Thanks yes the way I did the spawning was... interesting it's exponential in a pretty bad way. 

Rated :)

There is so much screen shake I cannot see what is going on. Other than that it seems good if you expand on it. the graphics are also really good.

Rated and I left a comment

No but I did respawning  in a very wierd way. I had 4 base spawners one above the screen one below one on the right and one on the left. Then I duplicated those 3 times and made it a one in twelve chance of spawning for the little guy every 10 seconds and the big guy every 15 seconds I believe. Then I increased the odds to 1/11 /10 etc. giving it an exponential spawn rate. Also the time between chance increases also increases each time by 5 seconds. It’s not a super well designed system but it works for the jam. Also I don’t get back from school until after the jam ends so I won’t be able to rate but I will comment sorry.

Very good game it's unfortunate you only had 24 hours more time would've gone a long way for you still a good game though.

You music was really really good. Your idea was good but the execution wasn't the best as you said. Maybe making less guns would've helped? If you made two I think that would've been enough variety and  also the kali sticks and knife didn't work. (I think it was hard to tell. I think it was a good idea just too ambitious. Still a good game though the highest I managed to get was 151 :)

The music was REALLY good but it was a tad laggy :/ really not sure why my pcs not that bad.

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Rated it was an interesting concept but I feel like the gameplay was pretty unpolished and very frustrating. The music was great though.

Thank you! I'm at a loss for what to make right now so maybe I'll go for it.

VERY unique game it was really good. 9/10 the graphics could've been a little more interesting.

Crazy good gameplay it was challenging and fun. The sound was fantastic and it fit the theme perfectly although the graphics weren't fantastic it was a very good entry. :)

Thank you!