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u should make it so you battle random mobs while trying to find the most amazing sword in existence

make a 2ND version of this gam

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz MAKE a seque


hey so how ya doin

looks interesting

Looks cool

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HI SOMe dude made this video

yea I hope when ya have time you can include i

you should add monsters and weapons that the gingerbread can battle


OK yea yayayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


hmm you should make a video introducing people to the game


you should make a colorful sequel of this game

PLZZZZ MAKE a sequel

can you add mob and weapons pretty plz

looks goo

oh I thought of a cool idea you should make it so when you run out of dream adventures other players can share dream adventure they made that you can play

can you make a file of this that's jpg

thx your awesome

can you add a ability to make levels and share them and add more monsters

can you add mobs and weapons to the game


can you make it so you could design your character

can you make it so that you are able to design santas sleigh and make it so you could switch between a elf driving the sleigh and sant

can you make this game not google play downloadabl

can you add levels and can you add a ability to customize your charachte

can you add monsters that the elf can figh

Ohh and I think it would be cool if you could design what your charachter looked lik

and you should add swords and mobs

I LOVE THIS GAME but it needs more mobs, mobs with weapons, more swords and weapons to choose, treasure chest that gives you a random weapon

plz make a multiplayer function, more monsters and be able to get other weapons