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thank you so much 💕.. you got this too!! 

L;KGHFD LMAO i loved this, it's definitely a bad game to play 1st since its a more meta take on the theme and the tone is so insanely different from the rest of the jam ahahah, thank you for playing!!!

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i loved ash's soda tier list she's cooking so hard.. i need jules so much.. 
all of the art unironically goes so hard, i love gabriel
ive never laughed at something as much as DEMONS BLOOD: Story of Demon Girl in a rly long time, it was so funny i genuinely think its great

this writing is so beautifully crafted to be as unbearably awkward as possible youre actually a comedy genius im losing my mind

THIS IS SO SWEET & UNDERSTANDING.. thank you so much.. 🥹💕 so glad to hear this

🥺💕💕💖 ur so sweet thank you so much!! im really glad u found value in this 

💕 thank you thank youu!!

No this is fine! Ya it's a 101 but it's never explicitly taught to anybody. If you think about how artists and devs are taught, in tutorials or school or udemy, it's very easy to think of it all as just a technical challenge. "If I can just add more mechanics, more content, more Game Feel, it'll be a good game..." So many game youtubers do this, and then months later release a vid about how their game failed. it's so easy to get so caught up in the technical challenges of a hobby that you can forget to figure out if it's even appealing at all. Even AAA studios just create technically impressive games without giving enough thought into why people would want to play it. 

But ya, sometimes u get so lost in the sauce it's good to return to first principles and work from the bottom up. We need to remind ourselves of the 101s ahah

TY for thinking it's cool anyways!! 

wow!!!! im such a great big failure.... ill take it heehee!!! thank you :3

💕♥️♥️♥️ thank you so much!! sorry you're feeling this way too, but i feel less alone now hehe... very good luck with your writing!!! and thank u so much for this lovely comment aaawjqjw

LK;GH THANK YOU :amongussex: :amongussex: :amongussex: 


absolutely love this

uhhh yea ill take a hot egg and 5 weewoos

AH GODDAMNIT THE ENDING.. very cute ily akua

holy shit this really is the most annoying game ever made i did the pizza puzzle after 20 mins and accidentally clicked "replay". i played this lousy vn and all i got was tinnitus 

CRIES BACK AT YOU.... what a seriously lovely thing to say thank you so much!!!