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hi again, i just wanted to say that all the new background graphics are downright beautiful and im stoked at the new added character sprites! i managed to meet regal suhera and duel with regal mahaya, and the cg's were just....  breathtaking.  the cliffhanger is killing me, can't wait for the full version to come out :D now excuse me as i try to complete all the events i missed ;) 

wow, that was great! i really didn't expect that, and i was on my toes the entire time. just imagine my shock when the twist came !!! all in all, cool game! i enjoyed it a lot, thanks for bringing some fun into my monday evening :D

holy moly! i can't say this enough: this is amazing. i literally just started the game and i'm so blown away by the ambience, it's such a beautiful game. devs, i'm looking forward to what you have in store!!

aaah~ so excited for the release of the sequel! it sucks that i can't play it bc it's paid :(

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oh my god!!! the sequel is coming!!!!!! i won't be able to play this just yet, but i'm really excited for when i get to do so! 

i downloaded this not knowing what to expect,, and wow!! i was enamoured!! finished the four routes and i loved each of the unique storylines!! this is so great <3

this is adorable!! i especially loved the baku squad picnic cg!! rn i'm trying to complete all the achievements <3 great job :))

so so informative!! i learned a lot of stuff and your art is amazing :)) i haven't finished the game yet, tho !!

i don't know how a game can be so adorably informative!! now i have a lot of info about vamps :D the art is so cute,, i love this so much!

beautiful beautiful art!! adrien is a cutie <33 although this was short, i loved every little second of it !!

i ended up with jin!! such an adorable funny game i loved every second of it <3

short, and sweet!! this really tugged at my heart :((

this is great!! i've completed all of emilio and alexei's routes so far and i'm playing gio right now. i love the graphics and the unique storyline! i was hooked from the very start.

i'd be lying if i said this didn't make me ugly cry... but seriously! i am just bursting with love for this game, i dunno why i haven't found this sooner!! the memes?? the gaes?? and where did min get a permit to be /that/ hot?? no other game will come closer to my heart than this one. thank you for creating this <3