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One eyed girl is part of the story, and spider girl, best you can do is, ignore her and her H-event. Sorry.

He's done with models and everything, all he needs is just to write the last of the chapters which takes the most time, i guess. But yeah it is. (Probably hah)


Have no tried it myself, but i am 100% sure it does work.

I have no idea, but my guess is...not soonish, maybe couple months.

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You can try downloading it from steam (If you haven't fixed the problem yet) or antivirus is acting up, i download it just fine and it's clear.

Your game is awesome, and will probably turn out to something huge in the future, love it.

I also have a question if you don't mind.
What program is used to make those models/animations?, they are amazing.

With this "Prologue" version it is the latest, which goes up to chapter 3(i think) and if you want more you can go on his patreon and get the official game(not finished) but goes up to half of chapter 4