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I really wish i could help with more but i can't think of anything, MAYBE use different program than winrar? like 7Zip. Doubt that will save you with the exe but i don't know :/. I really want you to play this greatness.

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You can try downloading this from steam, it is on there.

(I don't think this is it but) It might be your anti-virus blocking some files like the exe to start the game, i had this before but re-dowloading usually solved mine :/

Yes, but steam version is probably not gonna be updated in a long time, (only when the game is finished) and you if you can find savefiles from version then you can probably carry over, i haven't used this version in a long time so can't say for sure.

No, it is the same, only the patreon version goes a bit further.

Never heard of this specific problem, maybe game is just muted in sound mixer or something? Can't be drivers. Hmmm

Yes, it's the same one, only patreon version goes further (not much) which you have to pay for obviously.

Nothing yet, unless you didn't play the patreon version, which goes to half of chapter 4. Now soon-ish he will release the rest of chapter 4 (which is the longest) and yes it does have VR support, but i am not sure how to do it.

Yes, 3D/POV H-scenes, which are pretty impressive compared to other games.

If you're playing the steam version, then yeah your saves will be kept, that's how steam is.  To continue you just, load up your latest save and play on as much as you can.

The newest one is the one that goes half of chapter 4, yes. He's working on rest of chapter 4 and it will be the longest/biggest part so far. Not sure when it will be released, but might be couple of months. (Not sure)

I am pretty sure he isn't going to do it himself, that's a lot of work to do, unless someone will volunteer to translate for him.

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1. Try verifying the cache of the game in steam.

2. your antivirus of some kind might be blocking the game. (try disabling it and running the game or removing the game from the antivirus blocking things. Live-protection is a bitch.

3. Outdated video card driver or outdated directx version.

I think (2) will solve your problem if not then (3) for sure.

I hope this helped.

It would be nice, but i don't think that will happen, either phones won't support this much memory from unity or just won't work.

Tbh i have no idea, but i doubt it's that advanced (yet).

One eyed girl is part of the story, and spider girl, best you can do is, ignore her and her H-event. Sorry.

He's done with models and everything, all he needs is just to write the last of the chapters which takes the most time, i guess. But yeah it is. (Probably hah)


Have no tried it myself, but i am 100% sure it does work.

I have no idea, but my guess is...not soonish, maybe couple months.

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You can try downloading it from steam (If you haven't fixed the problem yet) or antivirus is acting up, i download it just fine and it's clear.

Your game is awesome, and will probably turn out to something huge in the future, love it.

I also have a question if you don't mind.
What program is used to make those models/animations?, they are amazing.

With this "Prologue" version it is the latest, which goes up to chapter 3(i think) and if you want more you can go on his patreon and get the official game(not finished) but goes up to half of chapter 4