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oh theres one in blue base xD



something is wrong.. this update...

after update, its really laggy..


plz fix steelraven..

Hi, SteelRaven

This BETA 4 update was very awesome

but It's too laggy for old pc

can you make better?

It's so laggy that i cant play..

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there is a helicopter in red base

but not in blue base.. :(

if you want to take helicop, start in reverse mode

I love this game :D

now i can control helicopter perfect!! :D

lol huge suggestion

oh my god SteelRaven


I think they WANT not released :/

If there's a new map, it will be a big news xD

May I review this game in my blog?


ravenfield.exe -> Input -> double-click "slow-motion" and press a key which you want to use as slow-motion key




is that true?? there is no news about new map :/

SteelRaven, plz make easier to swim its too hard to swim :(

city map is not appropriate...

hard to control heli :/

a lot of players dont know that we can suicide by pressing K..

xD ya I agree with that

but don't hurry him :]

SteelRaven, why don't you mark the capture points on the map(when press M)?

stop demanding to add multiplayer...

its not that easy to add multiplayer..

thank you

and how to upload a video in comment?? not link

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Raven Field bug

I think I found a bug

go to 0:55

plz fix this!

i think i found a bug

i will upload a video on youtube