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game concept is absurdly wholesome, and your wife's art is really pretty in that concept picture!

hoping we still get a windows version cause this is very fun!

oh yeah this is the shit ive been after on this site!

god i love this type of art

i dont even see what's so "Hylic rip-off" about this game lol, theres literally like. only resemblance in the character designs, but even then the designs are really fucking unique and the resemblance is probably just a "hey I liked Hylics so im using these slight similarities to reference the game i was inspired by". It's the "this game is an RPG and you're a human but everyone else is non-human so it's just an Undertale rip-off" all over again lol.

the art style is phenomenal

i cant help but snort at the dumb sprite of him falling on his ass im so sorry there's just something so funny about it

i would actually kill to have one of these things irl, but this is super cool too. Honestly I just really wish they'd sprinkle in more references to Shadow being based on rollerblading culture n stuff in the more modern media, he's cool a heck and that's one of his most interesting features in terms of design origins imo

even though I usually don't enjoy such stressful types of games, the controls and small details are so intuitive that it's just really fun and FEELS rewarding when I stack items and carry multiple at once! One of my biggest gripes would be how difficult it can be to put everything on the table at once when handing them off to the buyer, like the nukes. Maybe it's by design, but a few times I'd have all three on the table and the buyer still didnt take it, which cost me quite a few seconds to try to make it stop glitching out.
Besides that and me wishing there were more time between days to organize the conglomerate of boxes in the shop, this was surprisingly fun!

the snake model itself is incredibly pretty. I'm not sure if the texture is some kind of edited photo-scan of a real boa or if it's, like, hand-painted using image references, but it's absolutely stunning. Snake models are notoriously difficult to properly rig and animate as well, so huge props to yall for being able to create such a well-animated snek! Also, as a reptile lover, I quite enjoy how it's honestly a really joke-y sort of game, like, how the actual fear presented comes from the massive thing chasing you rather than creating some annoying, almost laughable SFX of a snake doing things snakes just don't do lol. It's a nice mix of massive scary thing and "it's literally just a snake", which makes it almost BETTER in terms of the comedy aspects. Doesn't try too hard, still gets you. That's an enjoyable experience.


while it tends to create some.... *questionable* things at times (that's just how symmetry be tbf), it's absolutely incredible. Having colors get generated also helps with being able to visualize what the thing itself may actually be too!

you're welcome! Even if I would love to see it expanded upon more, I totally understand wanting to work on other things and such as a fellow artist! take care!

thank you!

oh sick!

hey just so you know the discord link is now invalid! Is the discord still up, or is it gone now?

ahh damn it, maybe one day once i have FL Studio then

hey it's ok dude!

holy shit, i hope you're ok still, genuinely, and I hope your wife is safe. I know this post was made a while ago but still, i wish you all the best

damn i wish this were a blender pack, this is so cool! saving for possibly future use

oh wow this one is hella good

hoping you're still planning to work on this! As simple as it is, pairing it with things like pixel-art creation programs and pixel-art-to-voxel things could allow for some absolutely awesome renders in MagicaVoxel or even Blender, or just for game assets for whatever engine someone may use! I'd actually love to use this for that very purpose, however it's a tad too simple as-is at this moment for me to do too many interesting things with it, but I do hope you plan to continue with it!

this is actually super cool holy shit??? I've always struggled with hair in general, and usually my style is chunky enough to not need much actual detail, but I've never really known how to draw styles like afros or even tight braids or dreads without them genuinely just looking like blobs (which wouldn't matter much, if not for the fact that the shapes could be misinterpreted as actual slime hair or solid shapes on the character's head, since I make a lotta fictional/fantasy characters).

absolutely glorious

believe they meant they dont have access to the app, though the rest of their comment is still a tad vague

Would this also work for Audacity? I only know how to add plugins to Audacity via putting the folder into the plugin folder in the Audacity folders, not into a VST3 folder. I'm not entirely sure how the VST stuff works exactly so is it some specific other thing I need downloaded? Or is there some sort of tutorial online for putting these plugins into Audacity?

honestly mesmerizing, my only complaint is simply how vague the changing chunks mechanic is, I honestly just couldn't figure out what controls that and couldn't explore places I WANTED to go as a result. (also another issue I have is simply how annoying the "Scorb" is, I just wish I could turn it off completely rather than having to shift my character around and shit just to make the damn thing get outta my line of sight for screenshots). Besides all that, though, the music and graphics are really neat, and I love how the whole sort of shader changes as it turns to "night" and whatnot. The texture stretching was a BIT much however I realize that some old games, such as those that this was meant to emulate, did have some JANKY textures and shit, so I give it a pass. Super duper neat!

(1 edit)

honest to god I saw this game, thought it was just an abstract walking sim titled "what's your gender", and immediately was like "yeah that about sums it up honestly," but I now see it's actually NOT just a playful "yknow sometimes being nonbinary just means feeling like a glowing tree" and it's ACTUALLY a semi-informational art piece about gender and how gender is perceived.

edit: Just finished the game, holy shit. This was really cool. I have to say that, even though irl I'm pretty mentally indifferent about having to go to spaces meant for women if given a "man or woman" option, like bathrooms, for some reason that beginning genuinely made me lock up. I think that I've become so used to digital spaces being where I can truly express my ideal self to where the idea of having to do those same things in this "safe environment" actually DOES get to me. I actually felt even a tad ashamed that something as simple as pink and blue doors in a digital art piece made me genuinely freak out internally. Fortunately, my suspicions about it were correct, and the whole point of that part WAS to throw some for a loop, and show how gender overall is far more than just going through a colored door that's been assigned to a specific group by society. 

On a side note, something that could've been interesting to add in would've been explaining neopronouns, or mentioning zenogenders, as those things are often treated quite poorly and many don't know what the actual purpose and reason behind their existence are. There's a good deal of obscure history relating to them, and they're also connected to queer ND people (and especially a lotta autistic folks!). To be fair I'm biased, since I'm autistic and a part of that specific community, but I think it'd be a neat addition if you were to ever update or expand on this experience!

Absolutely wonderful overall, really good with explanations, and the artwork is so good. Love the fluid room especially!

Even though my current rig probably can't handle this game, I gotta buy one. I can just play it later on, AND it'll provide a free one to someone else. The game looks gorgeous, and as an amateur photographer, yet quite experienced artist, I absolutely love photography mechanics in games!

I'm mildly afraid to try this out because the Twitter I use that *hasnt* gotten suspended (for some reason my old one just suddenly was banned? Even though I hadn't posted anything in like a year???) I've accidentally doomscrolled on so I'd rather not end up with something like some triggering political stuff in funnee rat game but I may create a completely new Twitter, follow some shitposting and dev accounts, then try the game out or smthn because holy crap this game looks like it'll be good for meme screenshots (also I just love the Sewer Rave games and music)

this is actually so good for character creation

god this is so interesting ghhh I love this game, I really hope you continue making stuff cause god this is so cool!!

i dont do horror well alone so i could only watch Manly play it but holy crap this "game" is absolutely amazing and I REALLY hope you all continue to expand on this storyline and world, I love stuff like this! It's like a super botched SCP foundation and I REALLY love that concept

I have absolutely no clue what I've just downloaded but the comments are so feral that I just had to. 

Oh hell yes more alienmelon stuff!!

honestly "wtf" is the only way i can fully respond to something that fuckin gross. just..... do people not know common decency at the very least????? like genuinely wtf.

you seem pretty cool honestly, as a side note.

please for the love of god continue this this is so wonderful- I'm obsessed with the art style and the characters already just from the demo- the character expressions are so good and the watercolor artwork is so pleasing to the eyes- and besides that all, the music absolutely slaps and its really nice to see more games inspired by UT that dont follow that pixelated graphic style. I love that style but like- the really cool, borderline Hylics-esc real life paper type style is super neat and something you dont see very often, so yeah, its really cool in those regards! Absolutely amazing and I'll be following the development!