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Weird that this was posted today, as last night, this game was one of the last things I thought about. I wondered how it was coming along as I faded off to sleep.  Anyway, I'm just delighted it's getting worked on.  Version 1.0 was a bit intimidating to me, so I'm especially pleased it's getting some rough edges smoothed down a bit.

Hey Calum,  I'm getting ready to GM A Nocturne in a few weeks (I can't wait!) and I've come across a couple things.

First, a typo report:  p.54, In the book, The Pilot's Red Leader ability is mistakenly called Reflexes.

Now then, my questions are about cost and scale of war-shells and armatures.  I believe it says armatures cost 2+scale+edges-flaws Profit. 

Is that right? 

If so, is there a scale limit for armatures? 

And finally, what is the scale of a war-shell?

I haven't, but I will now.  Thanks, Dr-Cool!

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I wanted the physical book, but Tuesday Knight Games doesn't ship to China.  : (

I realize it's too late now; you must've read it by now.  But you can use (the free) Calibre ebook library management software to convert PDFs to EPUB.  Results are not as good as a published EPUBs, but serviceable.

This page really should more obviously re-direct to the v1.0 page.

Hey Calum, so happy to see all the progress.  Any idea when you'll be offering print versions?

I can't wait to pour over this!  Congratulations, Calum!