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lmao gg I got 714,000 you suck


is there not a better method to reach one mill that doesn't require wobbling? my record is 714,000 btw without wobbling

just went straight up at 22.5 degrees and when I had 10k fuel I stopped going up and I started spinning. Unspin at 14,700 and land on gold pad. usually gets around 700,000. do you know how to get one mill tho

hi LF, Can you reveal us the secret to Rocketpult? what is the best strategy. I am currently stumped at 714,000 ! I don't know how I can be more efficient. is it possible to hit one million, or even 10 million as the amount of zeroes you left in the score show? thank you ! 

how? what your technique? I'm stuck at 714,000

hello LF, just wondering what the world record for rocketpult is, and if you have any secret strat to getting a million and over. currently stuck at 714,000 and I am having trouble beating that? any hints? thank you 

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top score 714,600 can anyone beat that ?