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whenever I create a new 3d scene it doesn't work, I tried playing another person's 3d project but when I started it up all I got was a blank screen any fixes? 



Nope! Windows shows that window if you try to start a .exe that was made by someone microsoft doesn't know

Thank you! I assure you ill be posting more small games like this just not as bad 

Also thanks for playing

Really cool you should add WAY MORE cusmization 

you will be able too

hey so i think this is really cool but is there a way for me to add my own behaviors?

im a solo dev and i can say its hard as hell so this guy should f off

hey remember me i had the same bugs but thats not why im here i want to ask for the source code for this project i want to add more to this game (i wont repost it) and maybe swap some textures and make a texture pack (i really enjoy doing that with games) maybe while messing around with the game i can find how to fix those bugs anyway ill understand if you dont trust me and say no anyway have a good day/night

Yes this will be a horror game

Very cool

make it downloadable please

remove the shadows and hd skeld that will remove the lag

the quit button doesn't work

local what now

how do i play? i create a lobby and when i push connect it puts a error message (could not connect to peer <the ID>)

no problem at all! its a really fun game i play it once and awhile but it never gets boring its super fun, i hope you expand upon it 

hello i would really like if you could provide a .png texture because the game engine i use needs a texture (png or jpeg) i would really be grateful if you did 

Lol such good modeling tho

whats the kill key? i run up to peps and push kill and nothing happens


Its a very fun and cute game great job!

AHHHHH why its so hard i love the style tho

i really enjoy this game but i found two bugs

2:i have no idea how he got there

1: i dashed at the eyes but i telported into the wall

how to find/make a grenn fuser?

 please help!

(1 edit)

ending one done now ending 2

how do you use sword?