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ah, yeah that was it, I must have been really tired to have missed that :)

Somehow I got stuck. I can't build any new projects. I think I need to build Water-Work IV next, but I never got Water Tower, and I don't see any way to get it.

Oh, I see now. Thanks!

From the wording, I was expecting each golden post in the column to be n*n, so 5 distinct golden posts would total 125, which would be interesting but maybe unbalancing, especially in the larger game.

It might not be too much of a spoiler to list the values up to 10, wording it like the description of the normal posts, since by the time a player gets a golden post, they've probably seen enough to guess at the larger game.

Fascinating systems.

What's the difference between normal totems and golden totems? I haven't found any placement where they score differently.

Hi. This is a free Flash game, played directly in the browser. The downloads are just extra material.

I might rewrite it someday to take it out of Flash, but not anytime soon, gotta focus on dayjob.